mandag den 12. januar 2015

BerryEn 5 years

BerryEn had prelaunch February 10, 2010 so now five years has gone, since the first product was born.

In fact, was ther 5 products. A unique beverage called B.EN and 4 different gels. At that time it was actually B.EN who was the one who got me to say yes to working with the company. There was also a great business plan and the ethics of the brothers Armin and Rainer Ludäscher stood for and still does. Is the reason I am still working with the company.

Meanwhile, there are many new products and this one is sæsten more unique than the other. We have come up at 9 gels, protein and chocolate, a natural cola, a sports program, a slim, concept

There is also a product line that is unparalleled in the network marketing industry. The concept is called Food Component system and are currently. 18 products in 3 different sizes. Quite unique where you can make your own organic food, in many different ways. You can make everything from pastries, muffins, smootis, soups, protin drink, gluten free products and a lot more.

The business plan is also adjusted along the way and that is perhaps that set BerryEn apart. They listen their team partners and when you have good ideas and improvements, they are ready to look at it. It is shown 3-4 times that has seen the changes, which means that today it's better than ever before.

BerryEn is now open in 22 countries. Some of the countries that have started are very small and large countries like Spain, Poland and the UK opened, still need to get really started. Lacking a leader or two of these countries so the possibilities are great if you are open to change company.

Iceland has been the largest market for long periods, Denmark has also been it, but today it is Germany which is the largest. It is positive that when it comes from Germany that it also is greatest there.

We have some fantastic Event and example here in autumn 2014 BerryEn gave a free bus available to all the Danish team partner, who wanted to participate. There was the birthday.

The obstacles which have been along the way, has been loose and the company is now debt free. So there is virtually, no risk in starting.

Personally, it has been a fantastic time and today has more than 1000 people in my team. My personal team is growing every day and it's great fun.

Thank you for I have been allowed to be on the trip and look forward to the next several years.

Keld Jensen
Skype: Klejtrup