lørdag den 10. august 2019

Co2 Solution

This is simpel

Everyone talks about the environment and global warming. We must not eat beef, sweets, coffee and no one should drive or fly.

The problem is that only a small percentage of the population adhere to these recommendations and it will only help as a drop in the sea.

While everyone is talking about the problem, the world population is growing rapidly. We are becoming more and more peopel on earth and the globe is being burdened more and more. Therefore it does not help even if 10% drops meat.

Something more drastic needs to be done and put in place against the real big climate sinners.

1. Limit population growth.
2. Stop mowing rainforests.
3. Plant new trees as a substitute for abandoned forests.

Here's a video about the benefits of planting forest.

fredag den 8. februar 2019

You work, you live, you die.

You work with network marketing or online marketing. You are hoping you will get the next big fish in your network or your bitcoin will increase in value. You focus on making money.

Many have forgotten the value with this industry. Well I talk or write with people they are busy telling about their own business and how good it is.

I had one here a few days ago who wrote many long texts after I had said no to his business.

They do not listen.
They sell.
They create distrust.

Many of those who sell run a sales pitch and can talk for half an hour and you almost want to throw away the phone.

Our leaders in this industry must be good examples and not be sales people but really people who listen and act according to the person's wishes.

Make good connections in your life