mandag den 30. december 2013

søndag den 29. december 2013

Free TV

How about free TV?  Will it not be great if you could get free TV and so at the same time earn some extra money.?

I do not promise anything, but it's free and it should work the 11 January 2014  .. It looks good and it tak just 5 min, so what can happen by trying?

It is built as an affiliate and that means you can earn some extra money by referring others. You can refer others through email, Facebook, twitter or any other Internet access. You just use a link the system gives you and then it work automatically.

The program is called Giant Cinema and it works fine. Pt. I do not know which TV programs are open to see, we must wait to January 11.

If  you refer a link with for example your neighbor as you earn a bit of money when the neighbor watching TV. It is advertising that pays for it all and the income commercials gives you get 10%.

I'm sure you must have the part references that you really can make money on it but, I tested it and got within the first 5 hours of 8 people who also could see it was be spending time on.

You can also make a spec link so you ca see where your clicks are coming from. For example, if you type facebook then you know how many clicks you get that way.

I would recommend you to create an account today and then wait and see whether or not it will be the future of TV. I think so..


søndag den 22. december 2013

Speed up your business in 2014

Now, 2013 is nearly over and it's time to look back. Are you satisfied. Is there anything you would do differently.

Many people will not succeed because they make the same mistakes again and again. It can be simple things that need fixing. Look at how you work and try to see it from a different perspective. Try to find your mistakes.

Perhaps it can be hard to see your own faults so it is important to get advice from others. If you do not correct your mistakes, you will not be successful in 2014.

Are there other ways of working. Maybe go away from online personal chat. Maybe you need to spend more time. Perhaps you have to drop the firm that your work with an take some time to find a new one.

See also what made you successful and how your succeed. Think back and find out what work best for you.

In short, use what works and drop what does not work. Easy to say hard to do, but you can do it if you make an effort.

Once you have that in place, you need to make an goal for 2014. 

1 What will you earn after 1 month 3 months 6 months 12 months.

2 What is required to achieve the revenue. How many clients or team partners do you need to have into the business to achieve your goals.

3 What is required of you?  How many meetings do you have set up.  You need to use what make your successfull in 2013.

4 Time to act .. Go ahead and work every day. Don't stop and don't take long break.

Good luck in 2014.

mandag den 25. november 2013


Some times you have to go to the limit to find out you are alive. Press youself  and come out on the other side with new ideers..

søndag den 17. november 2013

Invent new things

Some work and some do not work .. The trick is to find out what works and what needs to be look at.

Maybe it's just a little fine-tuning to give your success.

But always take anyone for advice when you try to do things in a different way.

tirsdag den 29. oktober 2013

Empower network is not good.


Their so-called $ 500 thousand blog platform is nothing more than a free WordPress plus a design plugin from for $ 39 where they have removed the WordPress logo and put their own logo.

I think Empower only made ​​to create a system that earns money from ignorant people who do not know anything about Blog and Wordpress.

I will strongly recommend you not to start but it's entirely up to you.

fredag den 18. oktober 2013



Its not to late to have a new focus and start to fight one more time. 

We know all the Rocky films and they have something that affects a lot of people . A person struggling to achieve something of his dreams is something you can relate to.

But as Rocky then you need a coach. A coach who can see a solution to the problems and help you along the way. Many who are successful is because of that lack of personal training.

This also applies to people who work with network marketing. Many think they know the recipe and will do it all yourself. But it is a huge mistake. Only a few people can do this and it turns out that it takes much longer time.

So today's advice to you is find you a sponser and a team that will help you all the way and then ask lot of questions.

fredag den 4. oktober 2013

Advertising on Facebook

Many peopel who work with Networking is using Facebook as advertising. It can be on their own or in the wall of one of the many groups on the subject.

I myself have tried this option and can tell you it almost does not work. People see it only as advertising and only about 3% clicks on such advertisers .

I have several groups such as MLM Europe  and here I blocker these ads. And I tell you,. 90% of all notice are advertising for some company .

I have also tried to write for fun .. '' I'm looking for new company '' in a group with more than 500 members . There was only one person who wrote back , everyone else was busy advertising their own. It's too silly ...

Another thing is that people often has a link to a very poor website . Bad setup and fun colors which do not signal a serious business . This means that if 3% clicks on your link, you will lose half of them because the page is too bad.

The remaining 1.5% who read information and maybe watching a video, yes they are the ones you need to build your business on. Not impossible but you should not count by 1000 of new team partners.

Network is all about personal contact and relationships. It's not about random Facebook advertising.

Write something people want to read about.

lørdag den 14. september 2013

Up and downline relationship.

Up and downline relationship.

Someone who don't know the industry sees a ''Upline'' as a monster that will earn  on ''Downline'' You and I know that it's not real .. Someone that just starting up people to make fast money they will soon lose downline again.

No, it's more about helping downline to success. The more your downline earns the more secure your business is.

It is a partnership that must go hand in hand and help each other. If one party stop working, 9 out of 10 the other part stop as well.

I have lost my upline due to illness but is one of the few that is still in the biz. So I'm not saying it's impossible but it is difficult and it requires that you believe in the future.

But the partnership between up and downline are very important in the development of your business. A bad upline can destroy your business and a negative and bad downline can destroy your business.

Soboth parties have to be positive, serious and helpful, then both can have a greatest success.

tirsdag den 10. september 2013

Why no success?

When you work with in Network Marketing nerly everyone dream about success. They dream of big money and living the life in luxury.

But unfortunately, not all of which succeed. I've put 10 points up that may be the reason for the failure. When you know the reasons then you know what to avoid.

1 You are giving up
2 Your company goes bankrupt.
3 You do not work enough.
4 You think business builds itself.
5 You change the company to make money and not because it is good.
6 You are using the wrong techniques.
7 You are not serious and your downline are dropping out.
8 You do not help your team.
9 You do not use products.
10th You do not talk with people.

Notice one thing ... 9 of 10 reasons why it is you who are the cause. So why do you think that many do not get success? How about you can you change it?

lørdag den 7. september 2013


I've got a challenge. I need to find 100 people within the next 5 years. Maybe you've also got such a challenge, but you gave up?

100 people are a lot for many and maybe you asked everyone they know and feel that just to finding one is difficult.

I see 100 people that easily. It is less than 2 per. mths. If you talk to one a day then you have 30 people in a month and no matter which company you are in you will almost 100% sure you have 2 new people in your business.

So if you've got a challenge then share it into smaller periods and look at what is actually required.


lørdag den 27. juli 2013

Don't giv up your dream

This is one of the best motivations video ever.

You are the best ... You can do it ... Make your dream.

onsdag den 24. juli 2013

Do you need motivation?

Do you feel you've done everyting you should. You've done like your sponser said and you have participated in the meetings, you've been to the event and learned a lot. You have talked with people you know, but no one said yes to start in your business.

You've spent a lot of time without success and you are down in the basement. You can not see the light and feel that all your options have been exhausted. This is the time where many peopel gives up. Maybe you also give up and maybe you will never work with Network Marketing again. You will tell you frind that it does not work and it is impossible to succeed.

Now I could tell like Tim Sales says, It is natural to fail and people often fail, no matter what they start on. But what can you use it for. What you think about is what you get. So if you are told that it is natural to fail then you will fail.

No, I will tell you that it is natural to try several times to win. No one is prerfekt the first time, so you just have to try again. It is a waste of time not to use your experience.

The trick is to learn from your mistakes. Finding new motivation and new ideas. Find new roads, new customers and new team partners. Perhaps you also need to find a new company. Perhaps you don't feel you get support from the sponsor or company. The important thing is that you believe in yourself and fight extra every time.

Success comes from the inside, but you need to take action.

mandag den 15. juli 2013

EVENT is importen

Most companies have different types of events large and small. Maybe 2 big event and then 4-5 semi-large. But why is it important to attend these sessions?

It's about several things.

1 Motivation

They are motivated by many things and the more things the more progress. You are motivated by a sale, a new customer or team partner mm and to attend a meeting / event is an important and great piece.

2 Knowledge

You get knowledge and new ideas. It may be that tells about a certain way of doing it that you do not even have thought of. Knowledge of products and business, etc. is also important in your business.

3 Monky see monky do.

Do you just a team partner, you can not expect he / she attends, if you do not participate. So, it is very important to meet up, otherwise you may find that your team partner stops again. Do not have a team partner so then you are definitely missing any skills. (Where do you think you're going)

4 Unity.

It is to talk to other dealers and maybe partying together, providing an incredible unity and friendships are made. It is also often a good talk one evening can give an idea or two. Similarly, togetherness in your team give a unity towards a common goal.

5 Routine

No matter what you start on, then it everyday. An event can be just like a holiday break your habits and you can escape to the regular routines. When you come back, you and your new knowledge create new routines which in turn can give new impetus.

6 Become a Leader

If you one day want to be'' looking'' for a great team so then you also need to one day take up the tendon. For some, a natural, while others have to learn it in small steps. The more meetings you attend, the more times you see what is required to get up and even give a lecture. Remember the way up there may be only 10 meters, but it's the longest 10 meters in your life. Make a decision (a goal) that you need to get up there on eg a year and let it be your portion goals. An action that will change your life.

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fredag den 12. juli 2013

Make you own prof video

Today I want to tell you about how you can make your own video. It may be an advertisement for your business or just a greeting to family.
I've used a program which has many ready-made templates and then added their own images. It is free as long as you want but there are a few more benefits in payment issue.
If you operate online business is one of the ways to create more contacts and cooperation partners.
You can watch the video and contemporaries have many other good tips in Top-Help Newsletter.
You'll also get the link so that you can make your own video.

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