onsdag den 19. oktober 2011

It is your choice

You are facing a gap and must choose whether to jump or not. You have 4 options.

1. Stay where you are and live your life as you always have.

2. Jump with danger of falling into the abyss and losing everything.

3. Jump  and get over on the other side, with money, luxury, and fun every day.

4. Go into MLM and get help to build a bridge.

It is your choice.


fredag den 14. oktober 2011

Lisa and John

John has lost the job and the family economy was very bad. John's wife Lisa have only a 25 hour work week and John's income from the union is not enough to pay allbills. Luckily they had a little savings so they could survive about a half year. But they talked to their Bank and agreed to sell the house. It was the house they bought 15 years ago and the house they thought they would live in their old age.

The house was for sale but after 3 months, they were forced to put the price down a lot, to get it sold. It also manages to sell it, but they had paid for the house in15 years, and came out with a small debt.

Lisa loved to work in the garden but it was over now, after they moved in theapartment. John still could not get a job  and began to drink.To make a long story short it ended up with Lisa and John were divorced.

What could you do differently?

To avoid the same fate as Lisa and John, you make a decision before it goes wrong.Find other ways to increase your income so you have an extra income and something to do if you become unemployed.

The extra income has several advantages. You can allow yourself to spend more money, save money and secure your old age.

Good Luck                                            

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