fredag den 17. februar 2012

Many mlm companyes

Today there are many  MLM  companies . If you notice so many are the promotion on Facebook is ther in a short period and then they are gone again.

How can you know which company that is stable and does not disappear after a short time?

If it is companies which takes place on the web so be careful. Many of these are not products or they have a miracle product. Stay away from them.

If you have registered online then you should have a meeting on skype. So you know you get support and it is a opline that will help you. Do not sign up without talking to your opline.

It is best you can come to physical meetings and experiencing unity. It may beeducational or a permanent meeting 3-5 times a year.

Then there are companies that will open 50-100 countries at once or, for exampl all Europe. These companies do not have leaders in every country and have no control and will almost certainly shut down again.

If you choose an old company, it must be because you are passionate about the products. An old company has proven its rooms but it is a littel hard to build team.

If I were to advise you, then I would say. Select a serious company which opens 2-5countries per year. Have kvalits products and some products tell you something. A company who have websites and marketing materials in your language.

Do you have any questions please feel free to send an email 
Keld Jensen