onsdag den 11. april 2012

Agel in trobbel

Agel is in troppel in Vietnam.

As Europe's largest margesin Netcoo writes has Agel problems in Vietnam.

Agel holding company declared bankruptcy and approx. 30000 dealers have lost their membership. Someone with large revenues lose their income over night. But also many new and have ordered and paid products but not receiving them.

Agel Viatnam opened in 2008 and was actually up to 50.000 members but it has fall to 30.000. Whether it is the reason for closure is uncertain.

Headquartered in the U.S. has no comet resulted in the closure. We can theninterpret as you like but it may be the first step of a global shutdown?

For approx. 1½ years ago changed Eric Worre company and it have probably hurt Agel. Eric may have been aware of internal problems in Agel.

Personal, it does not surprise me, when I in 2009 for a short period was in Agel. I saw the time problermer with the approval of products and other details. Similarly, there were many others who chose to stop in Agel in Denmark and I know there are few Agel distributors back in many European countries.

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