tirsdag den 26. juli 2011

mandag den 25. juli 2011

Peter and John

A little history:

Peter and John both work in the MLM industry, and met at a cafe. Both were to have a cup of coffee and fell into conversation without knowing the other work in the industry.

Peter talked a lot and soon began to sell his business to John. John listened to Peter's and his business. Peter talked and talked but never asked John if he wants to hear about Peter's business. Finally, Peter ask John; Do you like to start in this amazing business.

John said; No thanks don't need a business that have to be sold to everyone, I meet randomly in a cafe.

Peter and John exchanged business cards and a few days later  Peter phoned John, to hear about John's company. He was tired of constantly having to tell about his business to all he met.

Peter started in John's company ....

mandag den 18. juli 2011

Believe in yourself

This clip is about a dog. You probably know what a dog can do. Give paw, bark, roll over, etc.

After you've seen this clip change you believe what a dog can do. So it is with people too. It took many years before the first man came under 10 seconds in 100 meter races. But today there are many ...

If you have a dream to get rich so doubt you maybe it will succeed. But you meet someone who has done before you as you discover it is not impossible. Then you need to be successful you need to listen to anyone who can give you input and convince you you're on the right track.

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Best Regards
Keld Jensen

tirsdag den 5. juli 2011

Who has the best ES

Today, I will talk about who has the best MLM company. All who work with the industry think they have the best company. I'm sure if I ask you which company you believe is the best. The answer vill be ''My own''
I know it can not be correct. There are over 1000 different mlm companies and they can not all be the best.
If you say you are in the best company it can be caused by 4 things.

A. You have never heard of other companies.
B. You are trying to convince me to change for to your company.
C. You actually are in the best company for you.
D. Only one firm is the best.

A. Actually I have a history in Forever Living. In the beginning I diden't know other companies. Well I had heard about others, but did not know details of the bonus plan and products, etc. I had heard about Tupperware, but I would not sell plastic bowls, so there was no reason to look that way.
Many beginners have the opinion because they know no better.
I went into Forever because I came to know the sponsor and violated it I heard was fantastic built up. (A perception that changed later)

B. This is the probability way you tell your company is the best. You are trying to sell the business to a person. You have someone who listens and then it is to talk positively. You use body language and would really like to have a signature.

The attentive listener thinks it's too good to be true. You talk about big profits but you live in an apartment and have no car.?
Yes there is someone in almost all companies which earn big money, but they have not been sleeping to get them. It takes serious work to earn big money. So if you meet someone who tells you that you can earn big money, then now you know that's not why you should choose your company.

C. Why did you choose the company you are in now?
Tell that to the new person. Also find out out why the person might look at MLM and made some suggestions how the person can get the benefits of it in your company.

D. By the way I work in the best mlm company in the world. :-)  

mandag den 4. juli 2011

How to make a good Video

In an MLM business contacts is important. One way is through video / You Tube.

Many  peopel have found this solution, but a lot of them dosen't look at the quality. If you do not make the film a certain quality, then you lose contact. Then you could use the time on somthing els.

Do not make long cut, unless it is as an explanation or instruction. A business presentation need some content, but I think more about art to generate leads and information.

The start is important: You must catch your attention quick or your site closed down unfortunately.

Are you talking yourself and just write the headlines. And never read up from a piece of paper.

Text should be short and precise.

I've made a little video as a way to do it.

Do you have any questions please feel free to send an email

lørdag den 2. juli 2011