torsdag den 30. juni 2011

STEP 2 of 6

STEP 2. Consideration

You have now found out the person and you have shown a presentation. If you talk with the person across the table you have the best chance of a yes. Bigger than if it takes over the internet.

That's about it is a more natural way of doing things. The person has probably tasted the products and it takes longer because you're talking about much else (weather family and so on).

IMPORTANT. If you have the opportunity to meet personally choose this option.

But you sit at the table and the person just watched the presentation. See him in the eyes and ask the question: Do you see any problems in starting now?

Here, you avoid that person goes into the consideration. It may well be that he says I will just consider but many say: No, let's get started.

Those who must consider let them do it.

Never push to get a ‘’yes’’. Those you push into the biz are also those you should push to work later.
Someone has to consider in one day and someone must use 14 or more. You just tell you are ready to help, now or when he/she choose to start and all the way.

Do you get a ‘’yes’’ then it is super and you need to go to section 3 do you get a ''no'' then you know you are
closer to a yes.

Those who say ‘’no’’ try to find out why. Remember this information because it may turn out later that the world is changing.

Those who say ‘’no’’, you must make it clear that you are glad to be allowed to give a presentation and you were hoping to work together, but that's fine with you. Say goodbye with a smile and do not run after the person again and again, hoping that he / she changes their mind.

Those you run after will flee you and try too run away from you.

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tirsdag den 28. juni 2011

Work like a team

Al Pacino talk about football but think on you self and you busnisses.

Do you like to die ?

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onsdag den 22. juni 2011

Steep 1 to 6

In your mlm businesses there are 6 steps you need to know if you like to have a good start and build up the team and fulfill your dreams.

STEP 1. Needs

STEP 2. Consideration

STEP 3. Start

STEP 4. Work

STEP 5. Enjoy

STEP 6. Help others to do the same.

STEP 1. Needs

Need are what drives people. Hunger is one of the strongest needs that exist. But then there are also, Sleep, sex, children, family and safety. To protect your family, you have a job to give you an income that can ensure you can afford food and housing.

There are actually 3 groups of people.

A. Those who earn more and also can afford 2 cars, gold and yachts.

B. Those who today can afford to pay the most important thing.

C. Those who must choose things off to get food every day and right down to someone starving.

When I find someone for my business, I look at which group they are in now. Basically, I will help everyone to come in Group A. but it's not everyone who wants it. But almost everyone in Group C, like to come up in Group B.

But I only help those who really want to move up and that will work for it.

Ok what does it take? Well let's look at Group C first. In Denmark we have not so many from that group, but the biggest problem for people in group C.' is initial capital. So I say to them if you really want to change your life what would you do. The funny thing is everyone even has a solution.

Perhaps I can borrow, I may save some money, I can quit smoking, I can work with someone, I can sell my xxxx, etc.

People from group C are those who have the greatest motivation. Once they have overcome the first problem, then they will go through fire and water, to be successful.

People from group B have some other needs. It may be the dream of becoming an independent, travel, new friends, more time, and personal development, helping others, health, or just an extra income to sweeten life.

Questioners into what the person wants and fined the person needs. What are your needs? How much time will you sacrifice to achieve this and promise you will not stop working when you meet the first hurdle? It is some claim I make I will not spend 5 minutes on a person if the person then stops after a short time. No bad excuse.

People from group B. have not so much to lose, so if it's too hard, some stop. Perhaps that is why there are so many marriages ended. Starting a business is the same. There will certainly be problems but only if you AGREE to continue, you will succeed.

The last group A has some properties where they have previously achieved success. That does not mean they do not need. Again find out this need so you can work towards together. More time and healthier lives is often a need.

There is a 20/80 rule (20% of them you start will succeed) People from group A is typically 20%. Remember to help those working most because they are also a 20%.
It was a little on the needs and what is motivating people. Hope there was something you can use. In sort time I will tell about ‘’Step 2 Consideration. Follow this blog or send an email and I will send you a PDF with all Step. Mail

Have a fantastic day.

mandag den 20. juni 2011

USA and Europe

For many years, one company after another came from the United States to Europe. Only a few got a good  grab . Most of them lost all.  Why? Yes, many goes like to make money fast. They open many countries in a short time pulling money out and closes. You can recognize them on the bad websites and strange products.

So ° is that the more reputable companies such as Agel, Monavie, Vemma has a lot of money in the back and a good business. But they make a mistake they look at team partner and customers as one and the same.

Those who go into these shops have great benefits but without the right customers many team partners stop again, because they did not go into the biz because the products.

Other companies like Amway, Forever Living, who also comes from the U.S. have many customers to buy products. But unfortunately there is no new serious companies coming from the U.S. for a very long time.

However, there started a few pieces up in Europe who might go the other way about some år.NWA and BerryEn are two reputable companies that could come from Europe to America. NWA has had many start problems and it may be because they have too many products and contemporaries have opened many countries at once.

BerryEn does not expand so fast because they go for quality and product delivery. Everything should be approved and translated before a new country is opened.

I believe both companies will survive but if not NWA removes some of the products, no new teampartnere could get all the details. BerryEn has a platform with a binary system of bonuses, but with great discounts for those who want to sell. It is a unique and duck were way to do it. It gives the binary benefits combined with high sales as it provides a stable and secure long-term business.

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torsdag den 9. juni 2011

Red flag

Se for you self.

Here are some claims. Can you guess... green or red flag. All questions are about my company.

1. The record in personal sales in a month is over 30,000 euros

2. The first month I earned 700 euros.

3. You can start free in Spain, Belgium. Finland and Poland to build networks.

4. No country will be opened before everything is translated.

5. No country will be opened before any products are approved.

6. One of our bonuses gives max 20,000 euro

7. You can earn millions in a few weeks.

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lørdag den 4. juni 2011

Cold contacts

A cold contact in MLM is a person you do not know, but would like to offer your business opportunity.

I experience all too often and get a mail you do not want to see this and then get a link. The type of contact gives less than 1%. But you'll also find someone chooses off  before you get to know the person. Therefore it is a waste of time.

If you do not work with MLM and meet a random person at a party. What do you do? You talk to the person about everything between heaven and earth. You must not sell your business you should sell your personality.

Build a relationship of trust and if you are nice, helpful, positive and happy person you will want to be with you. Both as a friend and business partner.

What you should be careful not to be predictable. Let's say you're talking with someone and become friends in cyberspace and grace you feel you have a good relationship then you ask about the business. You get a no and then you drop that person. This method does not work, you should go for it 100%. Friend for life with or without business collaboration.

You must be willing to go all the way if you use the recommended meode.