mandag den 20. juni 2011

USA and Europe

For many years, one company after another came from the United States to Europe. Only a few got a good  grab . Most of them lost all.  Why? Yes, many goes like to make money fast. They open many countries in a short time pulling money out and closes. You can recognize them on the bad websites and strange products.

So ° is that the more reputable companies such as Agel, Monavie, Vemma has a lot of money in the back and a good business. But they make a mistake they look at team partner and customers as one and the same.

Those who go into these shops have great benefits but without the right customers many team partners stop again, because they did not go into the biz because the products.

Other companies like Amway, Forever Living, who also comes from the U.S. have many customers to buy products. But unfortunately there is no new serious companies coming from the U.S. for a very long time.

However, there started a few pieces up in Europe who might go the other way about some år.NWA and BerryEn are two reputable companies that could come from Europe to America. NWA has had many start problems and it may be because they have too many products and contemporaries have opened many countries at once.

BerryEn does not expand so fast because they go for quality and product delivery. Everything should be approved and translated before a new country is opened.

I believe both companies will survive but if not NWA removes some of the products, no new teampartnere could get all the details. BerryEn has a platform with a binary system of bonuses, but with great discounts for those who want to sell. It is a unique and duck were way to do it. It gives the binary benefits combined with high sales as it provides a stable and secure long-term business.

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