søndag den 27. februar 2011

Agel og BerryEn

Agel is a old firm and BerryEn is a new one. I made a comparison between the two companies.
1. All products in BerryEn has been approved for re-sale in alle opend countries. Agel  is only approved for import. So some of the product is illegal to sell in some countries.

2. BerryEn, have local text on the site from day one. Agel is still in English. BerryEn vill not opens a country unless there is text in local language.

3. The same applies bruchure and products. (Otherwise they can not be approved)

4. Product prices are much cheaper in BerryEn. BerryEn have real customers and sell a lot of product.

5. Start Pack in Agel is more expensive than in BerryEn

6. Also note that Agel is 6 years old and BerryEn one, so do not expect Agel gets better.

7. It's hard to get downline in Agel. Had even more in BerryEn in a month than a year in Agel.

8. BerryEn is the first major European MLM company since 1993, Agel is like 99% of other U.S. and believe that the EU is a country.

9. The little things that were of error is quick changed in BerryEn, in Agel nothing happened.

10. BerryEn has an energy drink Agel not.

11. Agel has a skincare line that has not BerryEn, but get it soon.

12. All products taste great in BerryEn is far from all of Agel .

13. Agel Many teampartneres have switched to BerryEn. I'm one of them and I have no regrets.

14. BerryEn gives a personal homepage with webshop to all teampartneres in local language. Nothing in Agel just a login page but BerryEn have that as well

15. A Team Partner price of Agel Exo is about 66 euros (30x 21 ml). BerryEn customer price for ''Berry'' is 39.9 euros (30x 25 ml). (Price in NL)
Berry has more than 2300 ORAC and Exo just 750 ORAC.
Berry is 100% natural, Exo is not. ...
If you are a Teampartner in BerryEn the price a lot lower on BerryEn, Exo is the same price as a customer.

Some say BerryEn is a copy of the Agel, because some of the products are similar. But if you do not know it the ''Gel Suspension Technology'', is a German invention, that is 40 years old.

More info please send an email.

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