lørdag den 4. juni 2011

Cold contacts

A cold contact in MLM is a person you do not know, but would like to offer your business opportunity.

I experience all too often and get a mail you do not want to see this and then get a link. The type of contact gives less than 1%. But you'll also find someone chooses off  before you get to know the person. Therefore it is a waste of time.

If you do not work with MLM and meet a random person at a party. What do you do? You talk to the person about everything between heaven and earth. You must not sell your business you should sell your personality.

Build a relationship of trust and if you are nice, helpful, positive and happy person you will want to be with you. Both as a friend and business partner.

What you should be careful not to be predictable. Let's say you're talking with someone and become friends in cyberspace and grace you feel you have a good relationship then you ask about the business. You get a no and then you drop that person. This method does not work, you should go for it 100%. Friend for life with or without business collaboration.

You must be willing to go all the way if you use the recommended meode.

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