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STEP 2 of 6

STEP 2. Consideration

You have now found out the person and you have shown a presentation. If you talk with the person across the table you have the best chance of a yes. Bigger than if it takes over the internet.

That's about it is a more natural way of doing things. The person has probably tasted the products and it takes longer because you're talking about much else (weather family and so on).

IMPORTANT. If you have the opportunity to meet personally choose this option.

But you sit at the table and the person just watched the presentation. See him in the eyes and ask the question: Do you see any problems in starting now?

Here, you avoid that person goes into the consideration. It may well be that he says I will just consider but many say: No, let's get started.

Those who must consider let them do it.

Never push to get a ‘’yes’’. Those you push into the biz are also those you should push to work later.
Someone has to consider in one day and someone must use 14 or more. You just tell you are ready to help, now or when he/she choose to start and all the way.

Do you get a ‘’yes’’ then it is super and you need to go to section 3 do you get a ''no'' then you know you are
closer to a yes.

Those who say ‘’no’’ try to find out why. Remember this information because it may turn out later that the world is changing.

Those who say ‘’no’’, you must make it clear that you are glad to be allowed to give a presentation and you were hoping to work together, but that's fine with you. Say goodbye with a smile and do not run after the person again and again, hoping that he / she changes their mind.

Those you run after will flee you and try too run away from you.

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