lørdag den 1. november 2014

Never do this


Never hunt your friends.

Never send spam

Never lie

Never give up

Never stop talking to People.

Never stop reading

Never stop learning

Never take long breaks

Never change company without a good explanation.

Never believe in quick money.

Never start in the new companies before you are 100% sure it will survive 5 years.

Never take the short path

Never cheat

Never make unseriously work

Never talk to people without talking to them

Do du know more you never do?

lørdag den 25. oktober 2014

Fucoidan and Cancer

This article is a one in summary of important scientific results from NPO Fucoidan (read more further down)

I will tell you about positive results with the use of Fucoidan against cancer. I think it's very important to tell. But it is also important to know where you can buy it otherwise it will not be of any use to you.

In to two groups of mice, which had been given, respectively, on “control feed” and “fucoidan-mix feed” for 20 days.

Weight of tumor cells were significantly reduced in the fucoidan fed mice.

A similar experiment was conducted with five groups of mice, which had been respectively bred, for 23 days, on “control feed”, “Mozuku (Nemacystus Decipiens) fucoidan mixed feed”, “Mekabu (Foot Stem of kelp (Laminaria Japonica)) fucoidan mixed feed”, “Agaricus mycelium extract mixed feed”, and “fucoidan-mix feed”. 

Weights of Sarcoma cells in each group were compared, and except for the control group, significant reductions were observed in all the groups.

There are several test results on the website  NPO Fucoidan which confirms that fucoidan has a positive effect on cancer. You can find the link at the bottom.

But perhaps it is more important quick to find a place, where you can buy fucoidan. Here I recommend a product called Yumi from a German company. They have 25g bags with 92% fucoidan good tast and in high quality. 

Yumi is with no preservatives, no colourants, no artificial aroma, no sweeteners, gluten-free, lactose-free, saccharose-free,  contains no ingredients that contain or consist of genetically modified organisms (GMO) or are produced from GMO 

You can find the Yumi link at the bottom. Do you come from a country where Yumi is not negotiable please contact me directly and I will try to help you. 

Share with others, please. 

Link and more information:

This article is a one in summary of important research results NPO Fucoidan would like to share data/studies/articles. From scientific research from these three recognized place.

PubMed is a service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

ScienceDirectR is the world's leading platform offers over 2,000 high quality peer-reviewed full-text journals and books on science, technology and medicine. ScienceDirectR is one of the largest online collections of published scientific research in the world.

Oxford Journals is a major international publisher of academic and research journals.

torsdag den 18. september 2014

Bring yourself into focus 3.

I'm working on making Networking Marketing to a more accepted commercial method. I try to affect the thousands who already have chosen this business form.

1 person can ruin it as 100 people have built up. A company in the press gives opponents of our way of working and wind in the sail.

Prove to yourself that what you do is the right thing to do. But make it contemporary in the right way. Stop press friends, do not lie, Work with products that are legal. Also stop by promising millions in a short time and stop telling that it is easy money. People do not believe in it and you get more enemies than friends.

Be proud of what you do.

lørdag den 6. september 2014

torsdag den 24. april 2014

Bring yourself into focus 2.


If you must have credibility then do not make the mistake that many others do. They change company too often or have many different companies. 

When you start a company, you say to yourself is this something I want to work with for many years. Network Marketing is not about quick money, it's about the long term business. So reach you start you need to be 100% sure you will continue even if you are not successful after one year. 

This part is very important. If you change again and again so no one will choose to work the same with you. They can not trust you you are there to help them on a half years. 

Another thing is that if you ask someone you know whether he / she will try xxx company and the person says no. So Nah, it's not you come and offer another company after a short while .. So, you have lost much credibility.

Manifesting Prosperity and Abundance

torsdag den 6. marts 2014

Give up or not.

You work in a Network Marketing company and you feel things are going well. You have the motivation and talking to people. Yes, you get endangering one or two into your business, great.

You'll have more motivation and work hard every day .. But there are longer and longer between you get somone into your business. Many of them you have started are stopped and nothing happens in your business. You fight but you begin to doubt that you can succeed.

Then you take a break and as soon you do that, you will soon stop. The moment you are not active, your team can feel it and one by one they stop.

Now you can choose to start over, or you can change company. 

Make a decision, but do not ever take a break, before your team is so great that it run by itself. Where it grows without doing anything.

mandag den 17. februar 2014

Bring yourself into focus 1.

When you work with Network Marketing it's all about people have faith in you. But how do you do it?

There are many ways but in this blog I will mention one that is very obvious .

You write a mail to one without telling anything in advance . You start to advertise your business. Right on and hard ... This is spam and the receiver will end the conversation in 2 ways. Either by saying no thanks or gives no answer.

It 's not like it was your purpose.

You can also start a conversation and ask about the person and what the person is doing. An ordinary . talk about this and that . At one point, ask the person for certain about what you're doing . Then do, not send a large advertising text . Write instead of very short . I work with xxxx and have done so for x years.

This will open up new questions.

If the person does not answer, you can ask a new question ..

Do you know xxx ?

That way you will find out what he / she knows. But one very important thing is that you do not seem desperate to sell your business .

Keep the conversation going and you seem more credible .

Do not press and find out who you talk to.

Thats the key..

Bring yourself into focus 2. http://top-help.blogspot.dk/2014/04/bring-yourself-into-focus-2.html

fredag den 3. januar 2014

Set your new standard

The recipe to achieve your goals is to set new standard for yourself. Tony Robbins tells you, how to do it.