lørdag den 14. januar 2012

Success begets success

I could not explain it but after a little lull in December came suddenly speed up again. In 5 days, we have 8 new team partners into my weakest leg. It's nice that happens and I'll try to find out what the cause was. During the same period there were also some old team partners who placed an order. Team partners who had not ordered in a long time.

The first thing I thought of was that you would normally say December is a weakmonth but then I compared with last year and here there is no difference between December and January

Had I started to work more? Yes a little bit but not in finding new partners, they came themselves.

The way I presented the business there are always with small changes because you get tired of telling the same story again and again. However, I have made ​​an English video but they comes from Denmark.

We haves a new product officially on January 15 and since it is a chocolate bar may well be one of the causes, but only one product???

Another thing is that there came the new package in November and I started to talk a little bit more about. This package is cheap and you get the products to a higher value. Three of the eight have chosen this package.

But the biggest difference I think is that when they first came in it infected it on my energy and  how I talked about the company.

Perhaps that is why Success begets success

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