søndag den 26. december 2010


Timeboxning is a method for the one who has trouble getting a job done. It could be a task that you postpone again and again. You may have some customers to call, but keep finding other things that are more important and never started the job.

It allows you to share your task into something that can be done about. 30 min. That means small tasks you may pick 3 exercises in half an hour and the major tasks you can split up into 30 minute tasks.

The next step is to give yourself a prize every time you perform the task. The prize can be anything but it must be something you want.
Here are some suggestions for prizes: Listening to music, eat some fruit, go for a walk, watch a movie or read the newspaper or whatever suits you.

Each time you get a job, you're putting too yourself a prize that you give yourself every time you finish the task.

There is no time that you suddenly realize you work longer without thinking about it because you focus on getting the job done and the time feels not relevant.

Good luck with your work.

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Keld Jensen

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lørdag den 18. december 2010


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Keld Jensen

tirsdag den 30. november 2010

Start the day good

We have snow in Denmark and it can be difficult to get around so I'll take the opportunity to write a few words.

It is a very simple and brief information but the information is important.

If you every morning, when you wake up thinks, oh NO I am going up. So it will mean that you look negatively on it to get up and negatively on the day.

When you do it every morning, every day will be bad.

So it is simple to you every morning thinks, YES I am going up, it is a good day. Then you will over a short period of time, experience that day actually gets better.

Have fun ... and start the day with a smile.

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Keld Jensen

onsdag den 17. november 2010

A good start in mlm

When you start a mlm business is very important to get a good start. 20 to 30% will never get off. They get off the pack but there and then to get started is very long.

The most  3 different errors as often being committed is.

1. Someone sits down and begins to read everything between heaven and earth to be sure that they do not get a question they can not answer.

2.Nogen jumps out to tell all your friends, family, neighbors, facebook and so on, that now is the start of something new and it is for everyone. They send an email or writing on the wall that everyone can do good business.

3. Too little comunikationen with your sponsor.

Let us look at the error number one.

Yes you must have a basic knowledge such as name, use and price of perhaps 10 products. Ask opline about which products are being sold most of. But do not think you can learn everything. All have a question anyway as they can't answer. It's ok to say: I do not know but I'll figure it out and return. It also shows to the person that truth is important to you.
The first times you do it with your opline and once you've heard it a few times so you learn the skill. Body language and what not to say is importen to.

When we talk business presentations, it is the same. Do not think you can tell about the company during lunch break or on the bus. It requires a peaceful environment and you must be sure the person will listen. You tell as little as possible and arrange a meeting instead. Are you ask your sponsor to attend.

Let's look at number 2

You can not send mail or make Wall posts for all and believe that they say yes. Many will view it as spam and you may receive only 1 out of 100 who makes a few more questions. You do not know who sees your post.Moreover, it is sending mail out spam and actually illegal.

If you write something on your wall write:. ''Starts on Monday in a new company''

Let's look at number 3

Your sponsor is the person who can support you. Talk almost every day in the beginning. So you can get new knowledge quickly. Remember to have to work togater for many years. Do not believe your sponsor calls you every time, you should call too. People work at different pace and at different times. Therefore, your sponsor does not know when you have time. I usually say those who work are those who call and those who call are the ones who get help. No sponsor can force the horse to drink so it is you who must go in front. I'm sure you get the help you need if you do.

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Keld Jensen

mandag den 18. oktober 2010

Don't tell about you goal

It has been common knowledge that you should tell about you goal you to get there. But it have proved it is not quite right.

When you talk about it then do not explain what your goal is but tell how you want to do to get to your goal.

That means you should not tell you will complete a marathon, you have to tell you need to run 5 times a week. Be the person you tell about pushing yourself. And remind you of your plan.

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Keld Jensen

mandag den 4. oktober 2010

Choice of company

This post is about the choice of company in MLM.

If you do not know what MLM is, it is brief, a company which builds its the organizational by team partners also called independent distributors. These Distributors may, in addition to selling products also find new Distributors. This gives a return in several ways from the market as the products provides.

One Distributors will typically started to buy a start package. Most usual is a package of 100 - 1300 euros. Some believe it to be free and there are also some companies that offer, but you can not sell products without products. Then afterwards you should anyway out and buy products.

But it means you can have your own business for less than 1300 euros. This is where the big difference is stopped if you were to start a normal business. Here you will have to spend thousands of euros at the risk of lose house and home.

In Germany alone there are 325 different mlm companies. The majority (95%) of them come from the U.S.. It has proven over time that very few U.S. companies can build a long-term revenue opportunity. They come to europe and sometimes it goes very fast in distributing Distributors. But there are many different rules in Europe and it's not about to do so under the rules but to build the company as soon as possible. I can mention such as xxxx has spread and is now doing the same in Asia. I should not judge some companies so thats way the xxxx . But it is something you should be aware of when you go into business. Of course there are also good companies from the U.S.. If you look at websites and if the products actually can be sold lawfully, is it a condition.

The next thing I would look at is about how old the company is. You might choose a company that is 30 years old, but then you look at whether you can work abroad from day one. To build a team and you can only work in one country will mean a long deployment perriode. Some companies have the rules you need to have some turnover in your team before you have to start abroad.

Do not select a company which have large gestures and promises you can make millions in a short time.

Do not choose a company that says you should not sell anything.

Once you've found maybe 5 firms which meet the above, do the search firms in detail. Order a presentation which is always free.

Apart from the presentations you can then choose which company suits you best.

Once you've chosen a company and getting started, stick to your plan. Work at least 2 years before stopping again. Set yourself a goal and go straight for it. The more you believe in your case, the larger chance you have of achieving what you want.

Be honest and help others. Never use your friends to get a quick profit. If someone says no, then do not push them, but smile.

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Keld Jensen

mandag den 20. september 2010

New direct sales firm

There's so much on many new in direct sales. There will almost once a week comes a new company.

That the beats are jumping in now and become one of the first. Unfortunately it is such that a very small fraction of those who start in business after a half year. This reality means that many do not dare to start something new, it keeps at their old firm in the hope that it turns.

But when is it so you have to start a new company? The timing is indeed perfect. Companies who have fared over the first six months. But it is no certainty that it continues. No one should even go and look at the products quality, and firamets goals and plans.

Products must be possible to sell and be a need in the population.

Quality must be high, ranging from websites, products and marketing materials, etc.

The company's goal is to say they have plans for the future. There are some companies where they have planned to stop after a short time and withdraw the money. But if the company has long term plans is a way to select.

I found my company and good luck in finding your company.
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Keld Jensen

tirsdag den 7. september 2010

Be good to all

Wee are alle one

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 Keld Jensen

onsdag den 1. september 2010

Don't giv up

Don't give up... because you're sure not to reach your goal.

A lot of peopel giv up in life.. ARE YOU ONE?

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 Keld Jensen

mandag den 30. august 2010

Happy Planet

A new thinking.... To save the planet

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 Keld Jensen

lørdag den 7. august 2010

Brand you self

Why are there any companies who can sell their products at a higher price than a similar product? Why buy sunglasses for 500 euros when you can get someone for 10 euros?

It is about two things Quality & ''Brand''. To its acquiring the status of 'Brand'' requires several things. Advertising and customers who tell good about the product, helping to build a ''Brand''.

Another important thing is a trade mark / logo and the product must be a little bit different than similar products. It need not be of practical reason, but so that neighbors can see that you have purchased the expensive sunglasses.

If you have a one man company so you can also ''Brand'' you self. Why are you choosing. They choose you because they know you or have heard good things about you. But not least so they choose you based on that they trust you and what you stand for.

Think about what you are good to within your industry. Is your auto mechanic what is making you a little differently than other auto mechanic. So you also need to find something you're super good at. (Maybe it is the same)

Maybe you want to hear about how ''Brand'' yourself personally. Online and in the local area.

Send an email with ''Brand'' in the subject (English or Danish). Write also what industry you are working with and I will send you information about how to ''Brand'' yourself. (Free)
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torsdag den 5. august 2010

Bill Clinton likes direct sales.

There are many different income opportunities and here talks Bill Clinton on one of them.

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Keld Jensen

onsdag den 4. august 2010

Doing what you love

If you need to achieve something so drop the excuses and do something. Do what you love and drop what you hate.

You gain nothing if you do not jump into action and challenge yourself.


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Keld Jensen

tirsdag den 3. august 2010

Be careful not to fail.

The next clip should give you insight into whether you fail or not. In everything you start with is a great chance of stopping. So it is important to continue to believe in what you start no matter what.


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Keld Jensen

lørdag den 31. juli 2010

Let us based on you .... You may have a mlm company or a clothing store, but you have no special susses. Customers have been lost, or only been there once. The time is gone and your motivation is very low. You are afraid to do errors and afraid to spend money in fear of losing them.

At the time it is you think I should do something. You put a big sign up COM HERE. No result again and it ends with you stop what you are doing. The error is you can not force someone to say yes and buy.

I want you to see new roads because it's about if you keep making the same mistakes become tomorrow like yesterday. Humans are afraid of change. Look the video and try to see your world from a new angle afterwards.

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 Keld Jensen

fredag den 30. juli 2010

New zoom

New teknogi perhaps you can use it.

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Keld Jensen

torsdag den 29. juli 2010

Can you disappear on the Internet.

The Internet is huge and coming Menge new information every day. When you reach your customers or business partners so it is hard not drown in the crowd.

If you need to advertise your way, it will cost you a lot of money and there is no safety to economic success.

I will touch on many areas of this block, where you for free or little money can get out with your message.

It's about yourself or your business to a Brant. That way, customers come to you and you do not need to chase them.

Do you have any questions please feel free to send an mail.

With Best Regards

Keld Jensen

Target in you life


Caroline Woznaicki is one of the world's best tennis players. Why?

Because she had a goal, as she walked by and when she reached her goal, she got a new goal.

Do you have a target?

Is target really good? Let us give you a good example of the strength is in having its goals written down;

Yale University, the departure class vintage in 1953 - study;

3% had written goals

97% had partial goal or no goal.

20 years later

The 3% who had set goals had greater income than the 97% together.

* Dreams become targets when they were written.

* Find a target that is large enough that it can turn on you and really releasing your power.

* It to have a big goal, it gives you the vision and energy to continue.

Objectives must be:


- Dreams become targets when they are written down


- The more specific a goal is, the more likely it is that you can achieve it. But a goal is not winning the lottery, because you have no impact.

Example: I want a new BMW 745LI il (better yet, color, vintage, interior accessories, etc.) A new bathroom, re-set colors, it works extremely stimulating.


- So you know when you reach your goal, then you must add something more.

Example: I want to earn extra £ 10,000 of the month. (When I have 10 000 kr per month do I buy the car).

Maximum duration

- Targets must have a deadline, otherwise they remain merely a dream.

Example: I will manage to become the first Director April 2011.

Written in present tense.

Example: This is the 1.4. 2011 and I have the job as CEO.


Most people are afraid of something new, they are afraid to fail. Why is this so? It is often the fear of failing, there is as much that you can never achieve what you want.

If Randy GATS were afraid to try new things so the world was different now.

My entry angle

It is the goal I have even used when I started a new company. I have a goal to serve 100,000 kr pr. months about 3 years and there are new house m.m. on the list. But when three years is a long time I have some share targets along the way otherwise I do not know whether I am on track.

Share targets are very important but there must be a link between part objective and end goal. Here it is important you really think about the target itself. To earn a mollion after two months is too high goals and you will never get there.

What are your goals?

How long will you use to achieve this goal?

Part time up for short periods at first and slightly longer at the end.

Write everything down.

Tell others so you feel the bottom of your own promises.

Want a trip or another clip from an ad with pictures and put it on the bulletin board.

Think often of your goal.

Get like family on advice so they become a part of your goal.

Control of your milestones. Are you behind you can highlight and change the speed. Put it like on your mobile calendar so you do not miss it.

Good luck.

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With Best Regards

Keld Jensen

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I am very interested in having fun but in a serious manner.

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