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Target in you life


Caroline Woznaicki is one of the world's best tennis players. Why?

Because she had a goal, as she walked by and when she reached her goal, she got a new goal.

Do you have a target?

Is target really good? Let us give you a good example of the strength is in having its goals written down;

Yale University, the departure class vintage in 1953 - study;

3% had written goals

97% had partial goal or no goal.

20 years later

The 3% who had set goals had greater income than the 97% together.

* Dreams become targets when they were written.

* Find a target that is large enough that it can turn on you and really releasing your power.

* It to have a big goal, it gives you the vision and energy to continue.

Objectives must be:


- Dreams become targets when they are written down


- The more specific a goal is, the more likely it is that you can achieve it. But a goal is not winning the lottery, because you have no impact.

Example: I want a new BMW 745LI il (better yet, color, vintage, interior accessories, etc.) A new bathroom, re-set colors, it works extremely stimulating.


- So you know when you reach your goal, then you must add something more.

Example: I want to earn extra £ 10,000 of the month. (When I have 10 000 kr per month do I buy the car).

Maximum duration

- Targets must have a deadline, otherwise they remain merely a dream.

Example: I will manage to become the first Director April 2011.

Written in present tense.

Example: This is the 1.4. 2011 and I have the job as CEO.


Most people are afraid of something new, they are afraid to fail. Why is this so? It is often the fear of failing, there is as much that you can never achieve what you want.

If Randy GATS were afraid to try new things so the world was different now.

My entry angle

It is the goal I have even used when I started a new company. I have a goal to serve 100,000 kr pr. months about 3 years and there are new house m.m. on the list. But when three years is a long time I have some share targets along the way otherwise I do not know whether I am on track.

Share targets are very important but there must be a link between part objective and end goal. Here it is important you really think about the target itself. To earn a mollion after two months is too high goals and you will never get there.

What are your goals?

How long will you use to achieve this goal?

Part time up for short periods at first and slightly longer at the end.

Write everything down.

Tell others so you feel the bottom of your own promises.

Want a trip or another clip from an ad with pictures and put it on the bulletin board.

Think often of your goal.

Get like family on advice so they become a part of your goal.

Control of your milestones. Are you behind you can highlight and change the speed. Put it like on your mobile calendar so you do not miss it.

Good luck.

Do you have any questions please feel free to send an mail.

With Best Regards

Keld Jensen

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