lørdag den 26. november 2011

The first 100 people is important.

When you start from scratch and going to build a net of team partners you might think ''How do I get 100 people''

For most people it seems like a very difficult task. You might lose faith i if you find it difficult just to get the first 3 people.

But never give up because there is a light for you that suddenly opens up a door. A door which enables you to a very short time to reach 100 people.

But consider that if you find 2 people who find 2 etc. 2 +4 +8 +16 +32 +64 = 126persons. This rule works ...  But it requires you work and you help your team to do the same.

I have had over 500 people in my team of about 1 ½ years. I have not myself found so many people they have come with 2 +4 ..

We have a simple way to find new people who do not require much time and it helps the whole team. This means that people without knowledge of MLM can very easily learn how to do bizz.

When everyone can learn it, so can you. Don't give up when you get a NO. Fight for your cause then you're not far from your goal.

Do you have any questions please feel free to send an email 

With Best Regards 
Keld Jensen

torsdag den 17. november 2011

Facebook and SPAM link

Link can be found everywhere. But if we look at MLM and how many dealers writes link on Facebook is drowning in spam.

First, many reports into groups that are full of dealers with one purpose. To enable as many links as possible . Someone sets a new post every day in hope of someone wants to work with their business.

Once you maybe lucky to manage to get a new dealer ... Is the only thing you can teach him is to put the link on Facebook. What would he think. You have shown him how and he believes it is the way to do it. 

The problem is that many do not want the spam on facebook. They can not see himself as someone who sits each night and write on all sorts of pages in the hope of a new dealer. So when you write often you scane more than you attract.

Someone writes in others Inlays. Just to get more attention. Today I got one andthat's why I wanted to write this blog. Peopel hate wen you do it...

This is fine writing but when you've written the same thing over and over again and suddenly change companies and do the same again, do not expect anyone bother, to work with you because you can not be serious when you change so often.

Use facebook to create contacts and write some important information if there has come a new product or serious you want to say.

I wrote once in a group where there were over 6000 members. Click violated good about if you read this. There were only 5 people so do not think all your posts are read.

All are busy writing their own.

Become a Network builder with a serious business that dosen't spam all the time.
Do you have any questions please feel free to send an email 
With Best Regards
 Keld Jensen

onsdag den 19. oktober 2011

It is your choice

You are facing a gap and must choose whether to jump or not. You have 4 options.

1. Stay where you are and live your life as you always have.

2. Jump with danger of falling into the abyss and losing everything.

3. Jump  and get over on the other side, with money, luxury, and fun every day.

4. Go into MLM and get help to build a bridge.

It is your choice.


fredag den 14. oktober 2011

Lisa and John

John has lost the job and the family economy was very bad. John's wife Lisa have only a 25 hour work week and John's income from the union is not enough to pay allbills. Luckily they had a little savings so they could survive about a half year. But they talked to their Bank and agreed to sell the house. It was the house they bought 15 years ago and the house they thought they would live in their old age.

The house was for sale but after 3 months, they were forced to put the price down a lot, to get it sold. It also manages to sell it, but they had paid for the house in15 years, and came out with a small debt.

Lisa loved to work in the garden but it was over now, after they moved in theapartment. John still could not get a job  and began to drink.To make a long story short it ended up with Lisa and John were divorced.

What could you do differently?

To avoid the same fate as Lisa and John, you make a decision before it goes wrong.Find other ways to increase your income so you have an extra income and something to do if you become unemployed.

The extra income has several advantages. You can allow yourself to spend more money, save money and secure your old age.

Good Luck                                            

Home Biz

søndag den 25. september 2011

Getting more people to follow you on Google +

There are some simple rules if you need more people to follow you.

1st Always put a picture on your profile, and preferably one that resembles you.Image must not be taken on long distance and quality must not be a bad solution.

2nd Write a little about yourself and your job, and always your country. Anyone with an empty profile seems not serious.

3rd Refresh your wall in your circles. But do not forget to write on public walls. If you have not written anything that works your page kedlig.

4th When someone follows you follow back. That way you keep your contacts. But if the person has not information don't.follow back.

5 Write some posts at least one time a week Contemporary check if there is some personal mail / questions.

6th Someone who repeatedly writes Spam in other posts. Block them so they do not scare others away.

7th Do not take a copy from another post. Share post instead. .

8th Participate in other posts and be active so that you draw attention to yourself.

9th When writing mail then put a link to your profile.

10th Use your 150 invitations.

11th Do not write anything negative about others and never mop.

12th Write the important things and not just trivial things.

13th Post your link on FB, Twitter and other media and on your blog as in the bottom.

14th Target your information in your circles to fit the receiver. For example, local information to local friends.

15th Do not invite to game and similar programs unless you know the person and it has the same interest.

16th Write sensible remember others read it.

 With Best Regards
 Keld Jensen

lørdag den 24. september 2011

Solve your problems...

If you have a problem you can choose to solve it, or sit in a corner. How can you think differently, and become more positive.?

Try to ask the following 5 questions .....

What is not perfect yet?

What is good about this problem?

What am I willing to do to get it
the way I want it?

What am I willing to stop doing
to get what I want it?

How can I rejoice in the process,
while I do what is necessary to get it
I want it?

It's simple questions and if you write down the answers you can in a short time to learn to solve problems. Nobody gets through life with no major problems and now you have the solution.

onsdag den 24. august 2011

Keep Focus

Today I will help you stay focused.

Humans are not good to stay focused. Many see it if they go on a diet or stop smoking. It is far from always they dream succeed. This is because we are ''Habit Animals''. We feel the pressure in the well-known and very difficult to break out of the usual pattern.

How do you avoid the same trap.

1st Put a detailed plan.
Write down what you will do to reach your goal.

2nd Write down where it can go wrong.
Something you are afraid might happen.

3rd If somthing goes wrong how will you act.
Find a solution to the problem or avoid the error occurs.

4th Set milestones and give yourself a prize every time you reach the intermediate target.
If you have stopped to smoke for a week, so you must take to the movies.

5th Get support from others who will help.
Or others who have the same goal.

6th Tell yourself every morning,''I'm super good and stick to the plan''
You can also say today I call 10 people (If it's business)
7th Before going to bed praise yourself for 3 good things you have done during the day.
Yes I call 10 peopel.

8th Part of the plan is a schedule.
Don't give yourself an excuse to wait.

9th Never give up.
If you're about to give up the phrase,''''If I give up is all my work wasted ... ''(Feel free to shout it out)

Believe it can be done, from the start and you will win.

tirsdag den 26. juli 2011

mandag den 25. juli 2011

Peter and John

A little history:

Peter and John both work in the MLM industry, and met at a cafe. Both were to have a cup of coffee and fell into conversation without knowing the other work in the industry.

Peter talked a lot and soon began to sell his business to John. John listened to Peter's and his business. Peter talked and talked but never asked John if he wants to hear about Peter's business. Finally, Peter ask John; Do you like to start in this amazing business.

John said; No thanks don't need a business that have to be sold to everyone, I meet randomly in a cafe.

Peter and John exchanged business cards and a few days later  Peter phoned John, to hear about John's company. He was tired of constantly having to tell about his business to all he met.

Peter started in John's company ....

mandag den 18. juli 2011

Believe in yourself

This clip is about a dog. You probably know what a dog can do. Give paw, bark, roll over, etc.

After you've seen this clip change you believe what a dog can do. So it is with people too. It took many years before the first man came under 10 seconds in 100 meter races. But today there are many ...

If you have a dream to get rich so doubt you maybe it will succeed. But you meet someone who has done before you as you discover it is not impossible. Then you need to be successful you need to listen to anyone who can give you input and convince you you're on the right track.

Need help please feel free to send an email
Best Regards
Keld Jensen

tirsdag den 5. juli 2011

Who has the best ES

Today, I will talk about who has the best MLM company. All who work with the industry think they have the best company. I'm sure if I ask you which company you believe is the best. The answer vill be ''My own''
I know it can not be correct. There are over 1000 different mlm companies and they can not all be the best.
If you say you are in the best company it can be caused by 4 things.

A. You have never heard of other companies.
B. You are trying to convince me to change for to your company.
C. You actually are in the best company for you.
D. Only one firm is the best.

A. Actually I have a history in Forever Living. In the beginning I diden't know other companies. Well I had heard about others, but did not know details of the bonus plan and products, etc. I had heard about Tupperware, but I would not sell plastic bowls, so there was no reason to look that way.
Many beginners have the opinion because they know no better.
I went into Forever because I came to know the sponsor and violated it I heard was fantastic built up. (A perception that changed later)

B. This is the probability way you tell your company is the best. You are trying to sell the business to a person. You have someone who listens and then it is to talk positively. You use body language and would really like to have a signature.

The attentive listener thinks it's too good to be true. You talk about big profits but you live in an apartment and have no car.?
Yes there is someone in almost all companies which earn big money, but they have not been sleeping to get them. It takes serious work to earn big money. So if you meet someone who tells you that you can earn big money, then now you know that's not why you should choose your company.

C. Why did you choose the company you are in now?
Tell that to the new person. Also find out out why the person might look at MLM and made some suggestions how the person can get the benefits of it in your company.

D. By the way I work in the best mlm company in the world. :-)  

mandag den 4. juli 2011

How to make a good Video

In an MLM business contacts is important. One way is through video / You Tube.

Many  peopel have found this solution, but a lot of them dosen't look at the quality. If you do not make the film a certain quality, then you lose contact. Then you could use the time on somthing els.

Do not make long cut, unless it is as an explanation or instruction. A business presentation need some content, but I think more about art to generate leads and information.

The start is important: You must catch your attention quick or your site closed down unfortunately.

Are you talking yourself and just write the headlines. And never read up from a piece of paper.

Text should be short and precise.

I've made a little video as a way to do it.

Do you have any questions please feel free to send an email

lørdag den 2. juli 2011

torsdag den 30. juni 2011

STEP 2 of 6

STEP 2. Consideration

You have now found out the person and you have shown a presentation. If you talk with the person across the table you have the best chance of a yes. Bigger than if it takes over the internet.

That's about it is a more natural way of doing things. The person has probably tasted the products and it takes longer because you're talking about much else (weather family and so on).

IMPORTANT. If you have the opportunity to meet personally choose this option.

But you sit at the table and the person just watched the presentation. See him in the eyes and ask the question: Do you see any problems in starting now?

Here, you avoid that person goes into the consideration. It may well be that he says I will just consider but many say: No, let's get started.

Those who must consider let them do it.

Never push to get a ‘’yes’’. Those you push into the biz are also those you should push to work later.
Someone has to consider in one day and someone must use 14 or more. You just tell you are ready to help, now or when he/she choose to start and all the way.

Do you get a ‘’yes’’ then it is super and you need to go to section 3 do you get a ''no'' then you know you are
closer to a yes.

Those who say ‘’no’’ try to find out why. Remember this information because it may turn out later that the world is changing.

Those who say ‘’no’’, you must make it clear that you are glad to be allowed to give a presentation and you were hoping to work together, but that's fine with you. Say goodbye with a smile and do not run after the person again and again, hoping that he / she changes their mind.

Those you run after will flee you and try too run away from you.

Follow this blog or send an email and I will send you a PDF with all Step. Mail: http://www.bricksite.com/mail

tirsdag den 28. juni 2011

Work like a team

Al Pacino talk about football but think on you self and you busnisses.

Do you like to die ?

Or join the team  CLICK

onsdag den 22. juni 2011

Steep 1 to 6

In your mlm businesses there are 6 steps you need to know if you like to have a good start and build up the team and fulfill your dreams.

STEP 1. Needs

STEP 2. Consideration

STEP 3. Start

STEP 4. Work

STEP 5. Enjoy

STEP 6. Help others to do the same.

STEP 1. Needs

Need are what drives people. Hunger is one of the strongest needs that exist. But then there are also, Sleep, sex, children, family and safety. To protect your family, you have a job to give you an income that can ensure you can afford food and housing.

There are actually 3 groups of people.

A. Those who earn more and also can afford 2 cars, gold and yachts.

B. Those who today can afford to pay the most important thing.

C. Those who must choose things off to get food every day and right down to someone starving.

When I find someone for my business, I look at which group they are in now. Basically, I will help everyone to come in Group A. but it's not everyone who wants it. But almost everyone in Group C, like to come up in Group B.

But I only help those who really want to move up and that will work for it.

Ok what does it take? Well let's look at Group C first. In Denmark we have not so many from that group, but the biggest problem for people in group C.' is initial capital. So I say to them if you really want to change your life what would you do. The funny thing is everyone even has a solution.

Perhaps I can borrow, I may save some money, I can quit smoking, I can work with someone, I can sell my xxxx, etc.

People from group C are those who have the greatest motivation. Once they have overcome the first problem, then they will go through fire and water, to be successful.

People from group B have some other needs. It may be the dream of becoming an independent, travel, new friends, more time, and personal development, helping others, health, or just an extra income to sweeten life.

Questioners into what the person wants and fined the person needs. What are your needs? How much time will you sacrifice to achieve this and promise you will not stop working when you meet the first hurdle? It is some claim I make I will not spend 5 minutes on a person if the person then stops after a short time. No bad excuse.

People from group B. have not so much to lose, so if it's too hard, some stop. Perhaps that is why there are so many marriages ended. Starting a business is the same. There will certainly be problems but only if you AGREE to continue, you will succeed.

The last group A has some properties where they have previously achieved success. That does not mean they do not need. Again find out this need so you can work towards together. More time and healthier lives is often a need.

There is a 20/80 rule (20% of them you start will succeed) People from group A is typically 20%. Remember to help those working most because they are also a 20%.
It was a little on the needs and what is motivating people. Hope there was something you can use. In sort time I will tell about ‘’Step 2 Consideration. Follow this blog or send an email and I will send you a PDF with all Step. Mail http://www.bricksite.com/mail

Have a fantastic day.

mandag den 20. juni 2011

USA and Europe

For many years, one company after another came from the United States to Europe. Only a few got a good  grab . Most of them lost all.  Why? Yes, many goes like to make money fast. They open many countries in a short time pulling money out and closes. You can recognize them on the bad websites and strange products.

So ° is that the more reputable companies such as Agel, Monavie, Vemma has a lot of money in the back and a good business. But they make a mistake they look at team partner and customers as one and the same.

Those who go into these shops have great benefits but without the right customers many team partners stop again, because they did not go into the biz because the products.

Other companies like Amway, Forever Living, who also comes from the U.S. have many customers to buy products. But unfortunately there is no new serious companies coming from the U.S. for a very long time.

However, there started a few pieces up in Europe who might go the other way about some år.NWA and BerryEn are two reputable companies that could come from Europe to America. NWA has had many start problems and it may be because they have too many products and contemporaries have opened many countries at once.

BerryEn does not expand so fast because they go for quality and product delivery. Everything should be approved and translated before a new country is opened.

I believe both companies will survive but if not NWA removes some of the products, no new teampartnere could get all the details. BerryEn has a platform with a binary system of bonuses, but with great discounts for those who want to sell. It is a unique and duck were way to do it. It gives the binary benefits combined with high sales as it provides a stable and secure long-term business.

More info please send an email.

torsdag den 9. juni 2011

Red flag

Se for you self.

Here are some claims. Can you guess... green or red flag. All questions are about my company.

1. The record in personal sales in a month is over 30,000 euros

2. The first month I earned 700 euros.

3. You can start free in Spain, Belgium. Finland and Poland to build networks.

4. No country will be opened before everything is translated.

5. No country will be opened before any products are approved.

6. One of our bonuses gives max 20,000 euro

7. You can earn millions in a few weeks.

Send an email and get the answer.

lørdag den 4. juni 2011

Cold contacts

A cold contact in MLM is a person you do not know, but would like to offer your business opportunity.

I experience all too often and get a mail you do not want to see this and then get a link. The type of contact gives less than 1%. But you'll also find someone chooses off  before you get to know the person. Therefore it is a waste of time.

If you do not work with MLM and meet a random person at a party. What do you do? You talk to the person about everything between heaven and earth. You must not sell your business you should sell your personality.

Build a relationship of trust and if you are nice, helpful, positive and happy person you will want to be with you. Both as a friend and business partner.

What you should be careful not to be predictable. Let's say you're talking with someone and become friends in cyberspace and grace you feel you have a good relationship then you ask about the business. You get a no and then you drop that person. This method does not work, you should go for it 100%. Friend for life with or without business collaboration.

You must be willing to go all the way if you use the recommended meode.

søndag den 15. maj 2011

The income is on the way down.

Economic uncertainty, rising prices, unemployment and interest rates might soon rise, to influence your daily life.

The consequence that they can not afford to vacation, new car and must scrimp

You can choose to sit and wait for it goes wrong or you can do something about it.

The sooner you get started the sooner will the revenue for you.

tirsdag den 26. april 2011

'You can make money, or you can make excuses

People seek out new knowledge and want to get better. If it was not the case, a child will think ''I would not learn to''go''because I might fall and hurt me. It happens several times but the child continues to practice and one day it can walk. So remember to give  roses and say ''up again.''

But I will not say when it goes wrong, but many parents often begin to say ''be careful''and some perhaps too often. The child experiences it to try something new, dangerous and unsafe and begin to find excuses. I do not like''food''because it tastes nasty, etc

When you grow up, many lost the ability to try something new, but they are sitting in front of the TV without risk of failing.
Wen they are offerer a opportunity in mlm. Then comes the big excuses ahead. No time, no money, can not sell o.s.v. But it is rooted in their uncertainty to try something new.

There's no money in excuses so find a solution instead. If your excuse is''I have no time''So think to reschedule your day and drop a cleaning or watch less television.

Believe me there is always a solution to an excuse. Can you not find a solution I'll help you.


We are looking for peopel in Europe that like to work in a new direct selling firm.

søndag den 24. april 2011

The ideal start

The ideal start when you start a new company, what is it?.
Many will learn everything about the compensation plan, products and making lists and websites. They spend a lot of time learning the basics and go to one meeting after another. But there is a better way.

You say YES based on some information. You got exactly what information is needed to say yes. What would then be to prevent to the ones you want into the store, could settle for the same information.

So do not use the extra time to find out everything. Yes you sure questions you can not answer but then the country not to reply and tell you return when you've investigated the matter.

On the product side, you learn to tell about the products. But again not sit down and read everything but make some arrangements with your opline and came out to people. Get opline to keep some presentations of the products and get a turnover. You hear the story several times and you get just the information you need to do the same.

Often there are many meetings and events and here you should attend as many as possible. It is teaching at a high level. But if it is an event that is expensive to attend then sit the goals that you earn the money first. Make the number of agreements needed to profit as equivalent to the cost.

Meetings and events gives you motivation and all also have the motivation just when they start. Therefore keep your motivation maintenance. You also get motivation from the sale or a new team partner. But particularly important is the product experience. Use the products yourselves and feel on your body what it does for you. When you feel a difference this gives you motivation and clients and team partners can feel your pulse and feel you believe in it.

Believe me it is contagious.


mandag den 18. april 2011

Which company is the best.

There are many mlm in the world and like many others, would you like to choose the best. You want to choose the company that will give you the best deal.
First I say so is the choice of firm is not important unless you are 100% committed to what you choose. No matter how well a company is so requires you work seriously and contemporary goes on and on for a long period.

That being said it is also important to choose the company that fit you. But the easiest way is to first identify some requirements which must be observed.

I've written some claims which could be on your list.

1. Both product and company must be legal.

2. It should be max 5 years old.

3. New companies under a year is too dangerous to start in.

4. Not too many products because it requires hard work to get to know them all.

5. Profits must primrt come from sales of products. (Otherwise it is illegal in many countries)

6. Good bonus plan.

7. Products must taste good.

8. They must also be unique.

9. Website and marketing materials must be in your language.

10. You should be able to build networks abroad and profit from it.

11. Good reviews.

12. Websites must be safe and in high quality.

13. There must be a good economy behind the company.

14. Product prices that makes customers buy, not just dealers for their own consumption.

15. Make somebody youself.

Good luck

Do you have any questions please feel ask.

With Best Regards
Keld Jensen

mandag den 21. marts 2011


Today there are many opportunities online that tells about your great opportunity to earn lots of money. But before you embark on new adventures, stop and see it from above.

It is often prisoners have you read the headline and immediately enter email and name. It turns out that quick headline does not match reality.

Yes you can earn money online but to create a profile and believe you earn big money does not hold. It takes work and perseverance for a long time.

The second typical method is as old companies have done in 50-60 years. We mean Herbalife, Forever and the like. Here we are talking about real products. Are you one of the new firms are started, choose one with quality products and quality websites. I've seen so many new companies that start with a product that claims it can cure anything and promise you can make a fortune overnight.

Go for companies with a serious attitude and approved products. Only in this way you can keep bad companies out of business.

Did you look at a company you might want to start in then send a link and you'll get my meaning.

Do you have any questions please feel free to send an email
With Best Regards
Keld Jensen

torsdag den 17. marts 2011

You Wolf like food

An old Indian told his grandchildren: "In every human life is a terrible struggle. A battle between two wolves. One: fear, anger, envy, greed, arrogance, self pity, resentment and betrayal. The second: Joy, LOVE, humility, trust, generosity, truth and compassion. "

One of the children asked: "Grandfather, which wolf wins?" The old saw him in the eye and replied: "The one you feed.

Your inner wolf must have food. If the internal floors must determine is it the wolf that is tame and watching TV or is it the wolf who want to travel the world and try something new that will have power in your life.

Wolves without food dies in the end .....

Do you have any questions please feel free to send an email
With Best Regards
 Keld Jensen

søndag den 27. februar 2011

Agel og BerryEn

Agel is a old firm and BerryEn is a new one. I made a comparison between the two companies.
1. All products in BerryEn has been approved for re-sale in alle opend countries. Agel  is only approved for import. So some of the product is illegal to sell in some countries.

2. BerryEn, have local text on the site from day one. Agel is still in English. BerryEn vill not opens a country unless there is text in local language.

3. The same applies bruchure and products. (Otherwise they can not be approved)

4. Product prices are much cheaper in BerryEn. BerryEn have real customers and sell a lot of product.

5. Start Pack in Agel is more expensive than in BerryEn

6. Also note that Agel is 6 years old and BerryEn one, so do not expect Agel gets better.

7. It's hard to get downline in Agel. Had even more in BerryEn in a month than a year in Agel.

8. BerryEn is the first major European MLM company since 1993, Agel is like 99% of other U.S. and believe that the EU is a country.

9. The little things that were of error is quick changed in BerryEn, in Agel nothing happened.

10. BerryEn has an energy drink Agel not.

11. Agel has a skincare line that has not BerryEn, but get it soon.

12. All products taste great in BerryEn is far from all of Agel .

13. Agel Many teampartneres have switched to BerryEn. I'm one of them and I have no regrets.

14. BerryEn gives a personal homepage with webshop to all teampartneres in local language. Nothing in Agel just a login page but BerryEn have that as well

15. A Team Partner price of Agel Exo is about 66 euros (30x 21 ml). BerryEn customer price for ''Berry'' is 39.9 euros (30x 25 ml). (Price in NL)
Berry has more than 2300 ORAC and Exo just 750 ORAC.
Berry is 100% natural, Exo is not. ...
If you are a Teampartner in BerryEn the price a lot lower on BerryEn, Exo is the same price as a customer.

Some say BerryEn is a copy of the Agel, because some of the products are similar. But if you do not know it the ''Gel Suspension Technology'', is a German invention, that is 40 years old.

More info please send an email.

onsdag den 23. februar 2011

Time change

Do you have any questions please feel free to send an email
With Best Regards
Keld Jensen

søndag den 20. februar 2011

4 peopel in the world

Do you have any questions please feel free to send an mail.

With Best Regards
 Keld Jensen

torsdag den 10. februar 2011

MLM is not so bad.

There may be some who feel that Multi Level Marketing MLM''''is full of cheating. They think pyramid schemes and lure friends into a cult.

But why they say so?

Let me explain the difference between pyramid schemes and MLM. MLM is a business form as everyone else when there is some dealer who sells some products. Revenue for these products accrue to the dealer. The dealer also has the ability to find others who want to do the same. So get the new teaching and help. For this means they receive a little bonus of his / her turnover.

Pyramid are companies who do not have any real products. Often there is a runner who starts the company up and close it huttig down again. There is unfortunately no pyramid companies who try to disguise himself as an MLM company, them be careful. I'd fist a company located on the border without, however, I must make myself a judge. In WMI you can get different packages, but one of them cost 1400 euro. It provides a direct bonus for the person who helps in time of approx. half. The product is 12 CDs so the value of the product is minimal. You buy some CDs, which gives advice on financial manual, but it is the same CDs in the U.S. as in Denmark and there will be something that can not be used. I would never start in such a firm.

But brief look at what product you get and look at the company from top. Is there a real product and the bonus is only a small proportion of the departure package worth? Have you seen the company you are considering starting in as themselves and I like vudere company and give my opinion.

Problem number 2 of cajoling friends, I have also looked at.

For 5-6 years ago it was very general to get friends and family into. I do not think anyone has been tricked into. They've certainly thought about it carefully. But you could flip it if you showed that a share in a company to grow will you tell a good friend or someone you did not know.? If so share price dropped and your friend lost a lot of money who have so blame? You have even lost money but the friend took himself the decision to buy.

If you started in an MLM company so do you also on it and it is probably very natural to talk about what you are doing and dreaming. If so his friend says I should try as it is 100% friend's decision.

But very important is that you do not force any action. Whether it is friends, family or you just have shown a presentation.

Today there are not many who are focused on friends and family. Personally I have several dogs downline and only 2 of them I knew already. The one who was close to getting into a previous company I have worked with and the other is a cafe owner who I knew from the local area.

The fun is wenn people start in mlm, they find friends crisscrossing national borders. Perhaps because so many are open positive people and great to be with.

Hope you learn somthing and can see that MLM is not so bad.

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Keld Jensen

søndag den 6. februar 2011

Jump high

A high jumper jumps no higher than where the stick is positioned. But it is not always jump right the first time. But because it fails in 10 tests does not mean it is not that you should stop trying, so you'll never get over.

The chance to get over your target, is determined by several things. Who you have as a coach, your equipment, your perseverance, your faith in the success and the willingness to change even small things in order to achieve small improvements.

Don't say to a small child, I do not think you can do it. But say it is great if you can now, but it is also nice if you try to do it.

As an adult, says many people to their best friend. I do not believe it and doubt it can be done. Someone also says: It's a stupid decision you made.

Do not listen to such a''council''but believing in yourself.

To attract attractive people, you must be attractive.

To attract powerful people, you must be strong.

To attract committed people, you must be engaged.

Do not work with changing the others, but work to change yourself and you will attract others.

Take advantage of your potential and sets no restrictions.

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Keld Jensen

torsdag den 3. februar 2011


Why my frind..?

Let me help you get startet if you like.
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Keld Jensen

torsdag den 27. januar 2011

Opend you eyes, please.

Be careful when buying a car or if you hear of a good business oportunit.

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Keld Jensen

tirsdag den 18. januar 2011

From A to B

If you are going from A to B can sometimes be an advantage to take a detour over K.

It sounds noticeably strange but let me show what I mean.

You smoke, but would like to stop. You've done it before but it's always gone wrong and you are starting again.

Important: Before you leave A (stop smoking), you must write down why you want to stop. Is the disease, improved fitness or because you want to grow old. Type your specific motivation down.

So instead of make stop smoking as your goal, then it must be your part goal. That means you make a bigger goal that is difficult to achieve than to stop smoking. The big goal would be to for the money you save there you will travel to China and see the Great Wall.

All of a sudden is it to stop easy and you also come out and travel. Say to yourself every day.

This method lets you use in your business, your family or all the places where you variability of your life from A to B.

I use it myself  in the business I'am building up. Sale of products or to find new distributors is 2 A and to goal.. One goal tofind 2 distributors in a month but a big goal is to travel around the world for the money I earn. So I have several sub goals along the way to get 2 dealers but I will enter a second time.

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With Best Regards
Keld Jensen

tirsdag den 4. januar 2011

Always answer back

Do you know it you have contact with a person or company, but you get no response back. You may send for the fourth time a follow-up mail without you get answers. You become frustrated and begin to doubt that person.

But can you see yourself in the eyes. Have you often asked at one or the other and then not reply back. It is very easy these days to skip the last step above, to save time. But what happens is that you again and again gets a follow mail. It refreshes you and spend time on, but to what purpose. Either your reply no thanks, yes or I return. It takes a few seconds and then the matter without the world. The recipient will be grateful, because then he can work with the important people.

Remember if you do not answer back so it rubs off and one day it's you who sits on the other sid of the table. Therefore, always give your reply whether it is positive or not. It saves us all time and speculations.

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With Best Regards
Keld Jensen