mandag den 18. april 2011

Which company is the best.

There are many mlm in the world and like many others, would you like to choose the best. You want to choose the company that will give you the best deal.
First I say so is the choice of firm is not important unless you are 100% committed to what you choose. No matter how well a company is so requires you work seriously and contemporary goes on and on for a long period.

That being said it is also important to choose the company that fit you. But the easiest way is to first identify some requirements which must be observed.

I've written some claims which could be on your list.

1. Both product and company must be legal.

2. It should be max 5 years old.

3. New companies under a year is too dangerous to start in.

4. Not too many products because it requires hard work to get to know them all.

5. Profits must primrt come from sales of products. (Otherwise it is illegal in many countries)

6. Good bonus plan.

7. Products must taste good.

8. They must also be unique.

9. Website and marketing materials must be in your language.

10. You should be able to build networks abroad and profit from it.

11. Good reviews.

12. Websites must be safe and in high quality.

13. There must be a good economy behind the company.

14. Product prices that makes customers buy, not just dealers for their own consumption.

15. Make somebody youself.

Good luck

Do you have any questions please feel ask.

With Best Regards
Keld Jensen

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