tirsdag den 26. april 2011

'You can make money, or you can make excuses

People seek out new knowledge and want to get better. If it was not the case, a child will think ''I would not learn to''go''because I might fall and hurt me. It happens several times but the child continues to practice and one day it can walk. So remember to give  roses and say ''up again.''

But I will not say when it goes wrong, but many parents often begin to say ''be careful''and some perhaps too often. The child experiences it to try something new, dangerous and unsafe and begin to find excuses. I do not like''food''because it tastes nasty, etc

When you grow up, many lost the ability to try something new, but they are sitting in front of the TV without risk of failing.
Wen they are offerer a opportunity in mlm. Then comes the big excuses ahead. No time, no money, can not sell o.s.v. But it is rooted in their uncertainty to try something new.

There's no money in excuses so find a solution instead. If your excuse is''I have no time''So think to reschedule your day and drop a cleaning or watch less television.

Believe me there is always a solution to an excuse. Can you not find a solution I'll help you.


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