søndag den 24. april 2011

The ideal start

The ideal start when you start a new company, what is it?.
Many will learn everything about the compensation plan, products and making lists and websites. They spend a lot of time learning the basics and go to one meeting after another. But there is a better way.

You say YES based on some information. You got exactly what information is needed to say yes. What would then be to prevent to the ones you want into the store, could settle for the same information.

So do not use the extra time to find out everything. Yes you sure questions you can not answer but then the country not to reply and tell you return when you've investigated the matter.

On the product side, you learn to tell about the products. But again not sit down and read everything but make some arrangements with your opline and came out to people. Get opline to keep some presentations of the products and get a turnover. You hear the story several times and you get just the information you need to do the same.

Often there are many meetings and events and here you should attend as many as possible. It is teaching at a high level. But if it is an event that is expensive to attend then sit the goals that you earn the money first. Make the number of agreements needed to profit as equivalent to the cost.

Meetings and events gives you motivation and all also have the motivation just when they start. Therefore keep your motivation maintenance. You also get motivation from the sale or a new team partner. But particularly important is the product experience. Use the products yourselves and feel on your body what it does for you. When you feel a difference this gives you motivation and clients and team partners can feel your pulse and feel you believe in it.

Believe me it is contagious.


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