onsdag den 24. august 2011

Keep Focus

Today I will help you stay focused.

Humans are not good to stay focused. Many see it if they go on a diet or stop smoking. It is far from always they dream succeed. This is because we are ''Habit Animals''. We feel the pressure in the well-known and very difficult to break out of the usual pattern.

How do you avoid the same trap.

1st Put a detailed plan.
Write down what you will do to reach your goal.

2nd Write down where it can go wrong.
Something you are afraid might happen.

3rd If somthing goes wrong how will you act.
Find a solution to the problem or avoid the error occurs.

4th Set milestones and give yourself a prize every time you reach the intermediate target.
If you have stopped to smoke for a week, so you must take to the movies.

5th Get support from others who will help.
Or others who have the same goal.

6th Tell yourself every morning,''I'm super good and stick to the plan''
You can also say today I call 10 people (If it's business)
7th Before going to bed praise yourself for 3 good things you have done during the day.
Yes I call 10 peopel.

8th Part of the plan is a schedule.
Don't give yourself an excuse to wait.

9th Never give up.
If you're about to give up the phrase,''''If I give up is all my work wasted ... ''(Feel free to shout it out)

Believe it can be done, from the start and you will win.