tirsdag den 30. november 2010

Start the day good

We have snow in Denmark and it can be difficult to get around so I'll take the opportunity to write a few words.

It is a very simple and brief information but the information is important.

If you every morning, when you wake up thinks, oh NO I am going up. So it will mean that you look negatively on it to get up and negatively on the day.

When you do it every morning, every day will be bad.

So it is simple to you every morning thinks, YES I am going up, it is a good day. Then you will over a short period of time, experience that day actually gets better.

Have fun ... and start the day with a smile.

Do you have any questions please feel free to send an email

With Best Regards

Keld Jensen

onsdag den 17. november 2010

A good start in mlm

When you start a mlm business is very important to get a good start. 20 to 30% will never get off. They get off the pack but there and then to get started is very long.

The most  3 different errors as often being committed is.

1. Someone sits down and begins to read everything between heaven and earth to be sure that they do not get a question they can not answer.

2.Nogen jumps out to tell all your friends, family, neighbors, facebook and so on, that now is the start of something new and it is for everyone. They send an email or writing on the wall that everyone can do good business.

3. Too little comunikationen with your sponsor.

Let us look at the error number one.

Yes you must have a basic knowledge such as name, use and price of perhaps 10 products. Ask opline about which products are being sold most of. But do not think you can learn everything. All have a question anyway as they can't answer. It's ok to say: I do not know but I'll figure it out and return. It also shows to the person that truth is important to you.
The first times you do it with your opline and once you've heard it a few times so you learn the skill. Body language and what not to say is importen to.

When we talk business presentations, it is the same. Do not think you can tell about the company during lunch break or on the bus. It requires a peaceful environment and you must be sure the person will listen. You tell as little as possible and arrange a meeting instead. Are you ask your sponsor to attend.

Let's look at number 2

You can not send mail or make Wall posts for all and believe that they say yes. Many will view it as spam and you may receive only 1 out of 100 who makes a few more questions. You do not know who sees your post.Moreover, it is sending mail out spam and actually illegal.

If you write something on your wall write:. ''Starts on Monday in a new company''

Let's look at number 3

Your sponsor is the person who can support you. Talk almost every day in the beginning. So you can get new knowledge quickly. Remember to have to work togater for many years. Do not believe your sponsor calls you every time, you should call too. People work at different pace and at different times. Therefore, your sponsor does not know when you have time. I usually say those who work are those who call and those who call are the ones who get help. No sponsor can force the horse to drink so it is you who must go in front. I'm sure you get the help you need if you do.

Do you have any questions please feel free to send an email

With Best Regards
Keld Jensen