mandag den 18. oktober 2010

Don't tell about you goal

It has been common knowledge that you should tell about you goal you to get there. But it have proved it is not quite right.

When you talk about it then do not explain what your goal is but tell how you want to do to get to your goal.

That means you should not tell you will complete a marathon, you have to tell you need to run 5 times a week. Be the person you tell about pushing yourself. And remind you of your plan.

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With Best Regards
Keld Jensen

mandag den 4. oktober 2010

Choice of company

This post is about the choice of company in MLM.

If you do not know what MLM is, it is brief, a company which builds its the organizational by team partners also called independent distributors. These Distributors may, in addition to selling products also find new Distributors. This gives a return in several ways from the market as the products provides.

One Distributors will typically started to buy a start package. Most usual is a package of 100 - 1300 euros. Some believe it to be free and there are also some companies that offer, but you can not sell products without products. Then afterwards you should anyway out and buy products.

But it means you can have your own business for less than 1300 euros. This is where the big difference is stopped if you were to start a normal business. Here you will have to spend thousands of euros at the risk of lose house and home.

In Germany alone there are 325 different mlm companies. The majority (95%) of them come from the U.S.. It has proven over time that very few U.S. companies can build a long-term revenue opportunity. They come to europe and sometimes it goes very fast in distributing Distributors. But there are many different rules in Europe and it's not about to do so under the rules but to build the company as soon as possible. I can mention such as xxxx has spread and is now doing the same in Asia. I should not judge some companies so thats way the xxxx . But it is something you should be aware of when you go into business. Of course there are also good companies from the U.S.. If you look at websites and if the products actually can be sold lawfully, is it a condition.

The next thing I would look at is about how old the company is. You might choose a company that is 30 years old, but then you look at whether you can work abroad from day one. To build a team and you can only work in one country will mean a long deployment perriode. Some companies have the rules you need to have some turnover in your team before you have to start abroad.

Do not select a company which have large gestures and promises you can make millions in a short time.

Do not choose a company that says you should not sell anything.

Once you've found maybe 5 firms which meet the above, do the search firms in detail. Order a presentation which is always free.

Apart from the presentations you can then choose which company suits you best.

Once you've chosen a company and getting started, stick to your plan. Work at least 2 years before stopping again. Set yourself a goal and go straight for it. The more you believe in your case, the larger chance you have of achieving what you want.

Be honest and help others. Never use your friends to get a quick profit. If someone says no, then do not push them, but smile.

Do you have any questions please feel free to send an email

With Best Regards
Keld Jensen