onsdag den 22. juni 2011

Steep 1 to 6

In your mlm businesses there are 6 steps you need to know if you like to have a good start and build up the team and fulfill your dreams.

STEP 1. Needs

STEP 2. Consideration

STEP 3. Start

STEP 4. Work

STEP 5. Enjoy

STEP 6. Help others to do the same.

STEP 1. Needs

Need are what drives people. Hunger is one of the strongest needs that exist. But then there are also, Sleep, sex, children, family and safety. To protect your family, you have a job to give you an income that can ensure you can afford food and housing.

There are actually 3 groups of people.

A. Those who earn more and also can afford 2 cars, gold and yachts.

B. Those who today can afford to pay the most important thing.

C. Those who must choose things off to get food every day and right down to someone starving.

When I find someone for my business, I look at which group they are in now. Basically, I will help everyone to come in Group A. but it's not everyone who wants it. But almost everyone in Group C, like to come up in Group B.

But I only help those who really want to move up and that will work for it.

Ok what does it take? Well let's look at Group C first. In Denmark we have not so many from that group, but the biggest problem for people in group C.' is initial capital. So I say to them if you really want to change your life what would you do. The funny thing is everyone even has a solution.

Perhaps I can borrow, I may save some money, I can quit smoking, I can work with someone, I can sell my xxxx, etc.

People from group C are those who have the greatest motivation. Once they have overcome the first problem, then they will go through fire and water, to be successful.

People from group B have some other needs. It may be the dream of becoming an independent, travel, new friends, more time, and personal development, helping others, health, or just an extra income to sweeten life.

Questioners into what the person wants and fined the person needs. What are your needs? How much time will you sacrifice to achieve this and promise you will not stop working when you meet the first hurdle? It is some claim I make I will not spend 5 minutes on a person if the person then stops after a short time. No bad excuse.

People from group B. have not so much to lose, so if it's too hard, some stop. Perhaps that is why there are so many marriages ended. Starting a business is the same. There will certainly be problems but only if you AGREE to continue, you will succeed.

The last group A has some properties where they have previously achieved success. That does not mean they do not need. Again find out this need so you can work towards together. More time and healthier lives is often a need.

There is a 20/80 rule (20% of them you start will succeed) People from group A is typically 20%. Remember to help those working most because they are also a 20%.
It was a little on the needs and what is motivating people. Hope there was something you can use. In sort time I will tell about ‘’Step 2 Consideration. Follow this blog or send an email and I will send you a PDF with all Step. Mail http://www.bricksite.com/mail

Have a fantastic day.

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