mandag den 17. februar 2014

Bring yourself into focus 1.

When you work with Network Marketing it's all about people have faith in you. But how do you do it?

There are many ways but in this blog I will mention one that is very obvious .

You write a mail to one without telling anything in advance . You start to advertise your business. Right on and hard ... This is spam and the receiver will end the conversation in 2 ways. Either by saying no thanks or gives no answer.

It 's not like it was your purpose.

You can also start a conversation and ask about the person and what the person is doing. An ordinary . talk about this and that . At one point, ask the person for certain about what you're doing . Then do, not send a large advertising text . Write instead of very short . I work with xxxx and have done so for x years.

This will open up new questions.

If the person does not answer, you can ask a new question ..

Do you know xxx ?

That way you will find out what he / she knows. But one very important thing is that you do not seem desperate to sell your business .

Keep the conversation going and you seem more credible .

Do not press and find out who you talk to.

Thats the key..

Bring yourself into focus 2.