torsdag den 31. december 2015


Dear friends ..We have to the last day of the year and it's time to make status and plan for the future in 2016. How is your 2015 gone and have you new goals ? No matter what your goal is, it is your motivation determines whether you reach your goal or not. Should you, for example. have the weight to fall, which is one of my goals, so motivation is the key to success. It is such that no matter what people do, it has been shown that after 14 days there is 75-80% falling and never reach their goal. But here are some simple advice for you so you can increase your chances.

1. Write your goals down.
2. Daily Focus morning and evening when you read these goals.
3. Make a plan on how you will reach your your goals. Remember it is your efforts that provide the result.
4. Is it a big goal like losing 30 kg then make a low targets like 3 kg per month.
5. Check periodically (eg once a week) and adjusting your efforts if it is too slow.
6. Tell your family so they supports you.
7. Find out if necessary. more people with so you can support each other.
8. Think about the good things that will affect your life when you reach your goal.
9. Think about what it will mean for you if you do not reach your goal.
10. Imagine the prize you give yourself when you reach your goal.
11. The most important factor is ACTION. Without action, no result, so follow your plan do not give up.
Good luck and happy New Year to you..

lørdag den 20. juni 2015


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fredag den 29. maj 2015


We talk a lot about the thousands of unemployed who are on the traditional labor market. Thousands of people applying for the same job and few people get these jobs.

I work in an industry where I can offer all these people and all others over 18 years, a unique opportunity. It is not a 8-16 job and you are not sure a basic salary and you have to even buy some products to get started, so why would you start?

You had to start because you can get a better economy and get something to stand up to each morning. You will with the proper income to achieve salary that surpasses most. 10,000 euros or more since we have no ceiling and we talk every month. But even 2-300 euro will probably mean nothing to you is not true.

But like so many others you are probably a chicken and afraid to do something different.

Are not you a chicken so please contact today.

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onsdag den 25. februar 2015

Are you just a FB group spammer or do you have more to offer?

Are you just a FB group spammer or do you have more to offer?

Are you just a FB group spammer or do you have more to offer? How do you work on Facebook? 

I have a facebook groupe with over 15.000 members and a lot of them only work with advertising for their business. Perhaps they are member in a lot og groups and do the same there. 

So it you become a member in their business you have to do the same.. 

It is realy hard to get people in like that so a lot of people are wasting their time. 

Write something that people can be a part of. Ask any questions and join the discussion.

Build a knowledge and show who you are. Do not believe that all will in your particular business. Do not believe you are the only one with a good business.

fredag den 6. februar 2015


For the third time today I've seen a posting on facebook .. You must have a BLOG. Your business can not function without a blog.

But is this true and do you need to buy yourself a Blog. The fact is that thousands of people throwing themselves at blogging. Many of them have nothing to say. It is empty talk.

Yes it's true that some have great success with blogging, but they have something to say and something they are passionate about. You will never have success with it, if you are not passionate about writing.

I also get several newsletters with the same problem. Only text, no content and a waste of time.

My advice today is that if you throw yourself of this opportunity to be seen on the web, then have something important to say. PLEASE

mandag den 2. februar 2015

You are responsibility of you life.