torsdag den 31. december 2015


Dear friends ..We have to the last day of the year and it's time to make status and plan for the future in 2016. How is your 2015 gone and have you new goals ? No matter what your goal is, it is your motivation determines whether you reach your goal or not. Should you, for example. have the weight to fall, which is one of my goals, so motivation is the key to success. It is such that no matter what people do, it has been shown that after 14 days there is 75-80% falling and never reach their goal. But here are some simple advice for you so you can increase your chances.

1. Write your goals down.
2. Daily Focus morning and evening when you read these goals.
3. Make a plan on how you will reach your your goals. Remember it is your efforts that provide the result.
4. Is it a big goal like losing 30 kg then make a low targets like 3 kg per month.
5. Check periodically (eg once a week) and adjusting your efforts if it is too slow.
6. Tell your family so they supports you.
7. Find out if necessary. more people with so you can support each other.
8. Think about the good things that will affect your life when you reach your goal.
9. Think about what it will mean for you if you do not reach your goal.
10. Imagine the prize you give yourself when you reach your goal.
11. The most important factor is ACTION. Without action, no result, so follow your plan do not give up.
Good luck and happy New Year to you..

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