torsdag den 22. marts 2012

Live Long and Rich

We all want to live long and be healthy throughout life. We want the family are doing well and even avoid the hustle and bustle. Economic most peopel dreams about being able to do whatever they want. When it comes to the real world there are a lot of things that locks you in everyday life. Debt, job and somewhere we are all caught society's traditional architecture. We are also locked all the reforms which parliament decides. Right pension age and less retirement is just one example that change the life of almost all.

If you stood at a crossroads and had to choose a new path, you probably do not have the courage to choose a new path. Some do, such as those states new company and take loans in house. They take the decision in the expectation that it goes well. But you showed that 80% of all newly started clothing companies do not survive the first 5 years. So it's not all it is good for. Contemporary is a workweek of 60-70 hours is not unusual, so why many choose to go that way?Often, because these two points first Even determines one's life. Second Earn good money.

Health in Europe has never been better! But is it really real? Never have we spent so much money on health care as we do now and that's just from happiness pills, sleeping pills, and ADHD, etc. I have seen a German study, which did a test of different food. The first test was made in 1985 and then again in 2002. For example, as was the calcium content in broccoli was reduced by 73% and vitamin B6 in the banana was reduced by 95%. The reduction is due to modern cultivation practices, the plants grow faster and face a short time in the sun. They are picked green and transported over great distances, and someone gets gassed. I will not say whether there is a connection, but I believe that diet is important to give your body what it needs. It's not about miracle plants, but about common sense, science and old experiences.

Now if you could choose'' Health'' and'' Economy'' without risk will it be interesting for you. Imagine earning extra and so contemporary insight into your personal health.

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