lørdag den 7. august 2010

Brand you self

Why are there any companies who can sell their products at a higher price than a similar product? Why buy sunglasses for 500 euros when you can get someone for 10 euros?

It is about two things Quality & ''Brand''. To its acquiring the status of 'Brand'' requires several things. Advertising and customers who tell good about the product, helping to build a ''Brand''.

Another important thing is a trade mark / logo and the product must be a little bit different than similar products. It need not be of practical reason, but so that neighbors can see that you have purchased the expensive sunglasses.

If you have a one man company so you can also ''Brand'' you self. Why are you choosing. They choose you because they know you or have heard good things about you. But not least so they choose you based on that they trust you and what you stand for.

Think about what you are good to within your industry. Is your auto mechanic what is making you a little differently than other auto mechanic. So you also need to find something you're super good at. (Maybe it is the same)

Maybe you want to hear about how ''Brand'' yourself personally. Online and in the local area.

Send an email with ''Brand'' in the subject (English or Danish). Write also what industry you are working with and I will send you information about how to ''Brand'' yourself. (Free)
Do you have any questions please feel free to send an email

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Keld Jensen

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