onsdag den 25. februar 2015

Are you just a FB group spammer or do you have more to offer?

Are you just a FB group spammer or do you have more to offer?

Are you just a FB group spammer or do you have more to offer? How do you work on Facebook? 

I have a facebook groupe with over 15.000 members and a lot of them only work with advertising for their business. Perhaps they are member in a lot og groups and do the same there. 

So it you become a member in their business you have to do the same.. 

It is realy hard to get people in like that so a lot of people are wasting their time. 

Write something that people can be a part of. Ask any questions and join the discussion.

Build a knowledge and show who you are. Do not believe that all will in your particular business. Do not believe you are the only one with a good business.

fredag den 6. februar 2015


For the third time today I've seen a posting on facebook .. You must have a BLOG. Your business can not function without a blog.

But is this true and do you need to buy yourself a Blog. The fact is that thousands of people throwing themselves at blogging. Many of them have nothing to say. It is empty talk.

Yes it's true that some have great success with blogging, but they have something to say and something they are passionate about. You will never have success with it, if you are not passionate about writing.

I also get several newsletters with the same problem. Only text, no content and a waste of time.

My advice today is that if you throw yourself of this opportunity to be seen on the web, then have something important to say. PLEASE

torsdag den 5. februar 2015

You can stop cancer

This article is perhaps the most important reading for you throughout your life. I have seen a videeo on TED talks with researcher William Li. He tells how to starve cancer, by stopping the blood to cancer cells. A process called Angiogenesis ..

But the most important thing is that it is something you can do yourself. Both to prevent and to cure yourself.

You may have heard this before but here is the proof that it works.

Why am I telling you this? Because in the same video being mentioned the active substance in grapes called Resveratrol. You've probably heard about the good in red wine and the good qualities there. Resveratrol alone could provide an improvement of 60% so it is clearly a natural substance you have to take a closer look at.

But I do not hide that I know really well to this natural substance. I distributor for a product which contains the same amount of resveratrol which is for 30 bottles of red wine. For more information on this please, send an email to info hobro (A) gmail.com

It is entirely up to you to take advantage of this information, but cancer is a disease that affects almost everyone at some point. It could be you or someone in your family so why not be ahead and make snakes before it is too late.

See the video here:


Please share this important article, thank you.

mandag den 2. februar 2015

You are responsibility of you life.