søndag den 25. september 2011

Getting more people to follow you on Google +

There are some simple rules if you need more people to follow you.

1st Always put a picture on your profile, and preferably one that resembles you.Image must not be taken on long distance and quality must not be a bad solution.

2nd Write a little about yourself and your job, and always your country. Anyone with an empty profile seems not serious.

3rd Refresh your wall in your circles. But do not forget to write on public walls. If you have not written anything that works your page kedlig.

4th When someone follows you follow back. That way you keep your contacts. But if the person has not information don't.follow back.

5 Write some posts at least one time a week Contemporary check if there is some personal mail / questions.

6th Someone who repeatedly writes Spam in other posts. Block them so they do not scare others away.

7th Do not take a copy from another post. Share post instead. .

8th Participate in other posts and be active so that you draw attention to yourself.

9th When writing mail then put a link to your profile.

10th Use your 150 invitations.

11th Do not write anything negative about others and never mop.

12th Write the important things and not just trivial things.

13th Post your link on FB, Twitter and other media and on your blog as in the bottom.

14th Target your information in your circles to fit the receiver. For example, local information to local friends.

15th Do not invite to game and similar programs unless you know the person and it has the same interest.

16th Write sensible remember others read it.

 With Best Regards
 Keld Jensen

lørdag den 24. september 2011

Solve your problems...

If you have a problem you can choose to solve it, or sit in a corner. How can you think differently, and become more positive.?

Try to ask the following 5 questions .....

What is not perfect yet?

What is good about this problem?

What am I willing to do to get it
the way I want it?

What am I willing to stop doing
to get what I want it?

How can I rejoice in the process,
while I do what is necessary to get it
I want it?

It's simple questions and if you write down the answers you can in a short time to learn to solve problems. Nobody gets through life with no major problems and now you have the solution.