torsdag den 10. februar 2011

MLM is not so bad.

There may be some who feel that Multi Level Marketing MLM''''is full of cheating. They think pyramid schemes and lure friends into a cult.

But why they say so?

Let me explain the difference between pyramid schemes and MLM. MLM is a business form as everyone else when there is some dealer who sells some products. Revenue for these products accrue to the dealer. The dealer also has the ability to find others who want to do the same. So get the new teaching and help. For this means they receive a little bonus of his / her turnover.

Pyramid are companies who do not have any real products. Often there is a runner who starts the company up and close it huttig down again. There is unfortunately no pyramid companies who try to disguise himself as an MLM company, them be careful. I'd fist a company located on the border without, however, I must make myself a judge. In WMI you can get different packages, but one of them cost 1400 euro. It provides a direct bonus for the person who helps in time of approx. half. The product is 12 CDs so the value of the product is minimal. You buy some CDs, which gives advice on financial manual, but it is the same CDs in the U.S. as in Denmark and there will be something that can not be used. I would never start in such a firm.

But brief look at what product you get and look at the company from top. Is there a real product and the bonus is only a small proportion of the departure package worth? Have you seen the company you are considering starting in as themselves and I like vudere company and give my opinion.

Problem number 2 of cajoling friends, I have also looked at.

For 5-6 years ago it was very general to get friends and family into. I do not think anyone has been tricked into. They've certainly thought about it carefully. But you could flip it if you showed that a share in a company to grow will you tell a good friend or someone you did not know.? If so share price dropped and your friend lost a lot of money who have so blame? You have even lost money but the friend took himself the decision to buy.

If you started in an MLM company so do you also on it and it is probably very natural to talk about what you are doing and dreaming. If so his friend says I should try as it is 100% friend's decision.

But very important is that you do not force any action. Whether it is friends, family or you just have shown a presentation.

Today there are not many who are focused on friends and family. Personally I have several dogs downline and only 2 of them I knew already. The one who was close to getting into a previous company I have worked with and the other is a cafe owner who I knew from the local area.

The fun is wenn people start in mlm, they find friends crisscrossing national borders. Perhaps because so many are open positive people and great to be with.

Hope you learn somthing and can see that MLM is not so bad.

Do you have any questions please feel free to send an email

With Best Regards
Keld Jensen

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