søndag den 6. februar 2011

Jump high

A high jumper jumps no higher than where the stick is positioned. But it is not always jump right the first time. But because it fails in 10 tests does not mean it is not that you should stop trying, so you'll never get over.

The chance to get over your target, is determined by several things. Who you have as a coach, your equipment, your perseverance, your faith in the success and the willingness to change even small things in order to achieve small improvements.

Don't say to a small child, I do not think you can do it. But say it is great if you can now, but it is also nice if you try to do it.

As an adult, says many people to their best friend. I do not believe it and doubt it can be done. Someone also says: It's a stupid decision you made.

Do not listen to such a''council''but believing in yourself.

To attract attractive people, you must be attractive.

To attract powerful people, you must be strong.

To attract committed people, you must be engaged.

Do not work with changing the others, but work to change yourself and you will attract others.

Take advantage of your potential and sets no restrictions.

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Keld Jensen

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