torsdag den 17. november 2011

Facebook and SPAM link

Link can be found everywhere. But if we look at MLM and how many dealers writes link on Facebook is drowning in spam.

First, many reports into groups that are full of dealers with one purpose. To enable as many links as possible . Someone sets a new post every day in hope of someone wants to work with their business.

Once you maybe lucky to manage to get a new dealer ... Is the only thing you can teach him is to put the link on Facebook. What would he think. You have shown him how and he believes it is the way to do it. 

The problem is that many do not want the spam on facebook. They can not see himself as someone who sits each night and write on all sorts of pages in the hope of a new dealer. So when you write often you scane more than you attract.

Someone writes in others Inlays. Just to get more attention. Today I got one andthat's why I wanted to write this blog. Peopel hate wen you do it...

This is fine writing but when you've written the same thing over and over again and suddenly change companies and do the same again, do not expect anyone bother, to work with you because you can not be serious when you change so often.

Use facebook to create contacts and write some important information if there has come a new product or serious you want to say.

I wrote once in a group where there were over 6000 members. Click violated good about if you read this. There were only 5 people so do not think all your posts are read.

All are busy writing their own.

Become a Network builder with a serious business that dosen't spam all the time.
Do you have any questions please feel free to send an email 
With Best Regards
 Keld Jensen

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