tirsdag den 18. januar 2011

From A to B

If you are going from A to B can sometimes be an advantage to take a detour over K.

It sounds noticeably strange but let me show what I mean.

You smoke, but would like to stop. You've done it before but it's always gone wrong and you are starting again.

Important: Before you leave A (stop smoking), you must write down why you want to stop. Is the disease, improved fitness or because you want to grow old. Type your specific motivation down.

So instead of make stop smoking as your goal, then it must be your part goal. That means you make a bigger goal that is difficult to achieve than to stop smoking. The big goal would be to for the money you save there you will travel to China and see the Great Wall.

All of a sudden is it to stop easy and you also come out and travel. Say to yourself every day.

This method lets you use in your business, your family or all the places where you variability of your life from A to B.

I use it myself  in the business I'am building up. Sale of products or to find new distributors is 2 A and to goal.. One goal tofind 2 distributors in a month but a big goal is to travel around the world for the money I earn. So I have several sub goals along the way to get 2 dealers but I will enter a second time.

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Keld Jensen

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