lørdag den 14. september 2013

Up and downline relationship.

Up and downline relationship.

Someone who don't know the industry sees a ''Upline'' as a monster that will earn  on ''Downline'' You and I know that it's not real .. Someone that just starting up people to make fast money they will soon lose downline again.

No, it's more about helping downline to success. The more your downline earns the more secure your business is.

It is a partnership that must go hand in hand and help each other. If one party stop working, 9 out of 10 the other part stop as well.

I have lost my upline due to illness but is one of the few that is still in the biz. So I'm not saying it's impossible but it is difficult and it requires that you believe in the future.

But the partnership between up and downline are very important in the development of your business. A bad upline can destroy your business and a negative and bad downline can destroy your business.

Soboth parties have to be positive, serious and helpful, then both can have a greatest success.

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