tirsdag den 10. september 2013

Why no success?

When you work with in Network Marketing nerly everyone dream about success. They dream of big money and living the life in luxury.

But unfortunately, not all of which succeed. I've put 10 points up that may be the reason for the failure. When you know the reasons then you know what to avoid.

1 You are giving up
2 Your company goes bankrupt.
3 You do not work enough.
4 You think business builds itself.
5 You change the company to make money and not because it is good.
6 You are using the wrong techniques.
7 You are not serious and your downline are dropping out.
8 You do not help your team.
9 You do not use products.
10th You do not talk with people.

Notice one thing ... 9 of 10 reasons why it is you who are the cause. So why do you think that many do not get success? How about you can you change it?

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