fredag den 4. oktober 2013

Advertising on Facebook

Many peopel who work with Networking is using Facebook as advertising. It can be on their own or in the wall of one of the many groups on the subject.

I myself have tried this option and can tell you it almost does not work. People see it only as advertising and only about 3% clicks on such advertisers .

I have several groups such as MLM Europe  and here I blocker these ads. And I tell you,. 90% of all notice are advertising for some company .

I have also tried to write for fun .. '' I'm looking for new company '' in a group with more than 500 members . There was only one person who wrote back , everyone else was busy advertising their own. It's too silly ...

Another thing is that people often has a link to a very poor website . Bad setup and fun colors which do not signal a serious business . This means that if 3% clicks on your link, you will lose half of them because the page is too bad.

The remaining 1.5% who read information and maybe watching a video, yes they are the ones you need to build your business on. Not impossible but you should not count by 1000 of new team partners.

Network is all about personal contact and relationships. It's not about random Facebook advertising.

Write something people want to read about.

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