søndag den 29. december 2013

Free TV

How about free TV?  Will it not be great if you could get free TV and so at the same time earn some extra money.?

I do not promise anything, but it's free and it should work the 11 January 2014  .. It looks good and it tak just 5 min, so what can happen by trying?

It is built as an affiliate and that means you can earn some extra money by referring others. You can refer others through email, Facebook, twitter or any other Internet access. You just use a link the system gives you and then it work automatically.

The program is called Giant Cinema and it works fine. Pt. I do not know which TV programs are open to see, we must wait to January 11.

If  you refer a link with for example your neighbor as you earn a bit of money when the neighbor watching TV. It is advertising that pays for it all and the income commercials gives you get 10%.

I'm sure you must have the part references that you really can make money on it but, I tested it and got within the first 5 hours of 8 people who also could see it was be spending time on.

You can also make a spec link so you ca see where your clicks are coming from. For example, if you type facebook then you know how many clicks you get that way.

I would recommend you to create an account today and then wait and see whether or not it will be the future of TV. I think so..


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