onsdag den 24. juli 2013

Do you need motivation?

Do you feel you've done everyting you should. You've done like your sponser said and you have participated in the meetings, you've been to the event and learned a lot. You have talked with people you know, but no one said yes to start in your business.

You've spent a lot of time without success and you are down in the basement. You can not see the light and feel that all your options have been exhausted. This is the time where many peopel gives up. Maybe you also give up and maybe you will never work with Network Marketing again. You will tell you frind that it does not work and it is impossible to succeed.

Now I could tell like Tim Sales says, It is natural to fail and people often fail, no matter what they start on. But what can you use it for. What you think about is what you get. So if you are told that it is natural to fail then you will fail.

No, I will tell you that it is natural to try several times to win. No one is prerfekt the first time, so you just have to try again. It is a waste of time not to use your experience.

The trick is to learn from your mistakes. Finding new motivation and new ideas. Find new roads, new customers and new team partners. Perhaps you also need to find a new company. Perhaps you don't feel you get support from the sponsor or company. The important thing is that you believe in yourself and fight extra every time.

Success comes from the inside, but you need to take action.

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